Scientific Method

Lauryn Teglas.. Environmental Science

Which type of fabric burns the quickest? Cotton or Silk Fabric?

First you'll need to find a piece of cotton fabric ,silk fabric, grill lighter or matches, clothes pin and a stop watch. When you first get started you will need to take out your lighter then take out your piece of fabric. Then clip the piece of silk fabric to the clothes pin. The fourth step will be to light the matches or light the lighter, hold the button on the lighter down until burning. By that time you will want to have your stop watch out to be able to time how long it takes the piece of fabric to burn. After you've burned both pieces of your different type of fabrics you'll want to record your times on a data graph or chart.

In the link above you will find my data chart filled in with all the times.

Conclusion on sample data

My project was to burn two pieces of fabric and compare the time differences between the two. This project was fun yet very frustrating because the silk didn't really want to catch on fire. The reasoning of the cotton burning faster than the silk was because the cotton catches on fire easier than the silk and the cotton actually burns and the silk just melts super slow. Through out this project I learned that cotton burns about 2x as fast as silk.