February 22nd- February 26th

LVCS Mission:

We will educate K - 8 students by fostering the development of each child’s analytical ability, social skills and creativity.

This Week:

2/22- GLL (3:00 in building 11)

2/24 MS Leadership Assembly 2PM

2/25-26 ELD Committee

2/26 Early Release & Afternoon PD- An agenda will be emailed out this week.


Please review your bio on the website and make any edits or changes by Friday 2/26. Please add your revised bio to the google doc titled REVISED BIOS.

If you are fine with your bio the way it is, please cut and paste it into the google doc. Everyone should do this - Teachers, Office staff, Paras, Custodial, IT etc.

Publishing Party in Mrs. Silveira's Class

Parent Math Night on March 7th

We have invited April Cherrington, one of the SVMI presenters who worked with us this summer, to come out and do a Parent Night at our school. She will be presenting to our parent community about common core math, detracking mathematics, and changes in the way we are teaching our students to think about math. The Parent Math Night will be on March 7th from 6:00 to 7:30PM. We will be sending information out to the parent community about the event this week. It will be an informative and fun event!

Re-engagement Lesson in Mrs. Burke's class

MAC Testing

We asked everyone to give the 2015 MAC test at the beginning of this school year (5 MARS tasks) to help determine students who may be eligible to receive math intervention. We want to officially participate in the test this year so we can compare our student data with that of schools across Northern CA and also compare our data with data from the CAASPP tests.

For the first time this year the tests will be scored online using the SVMI scoring rubric. We have selected one teacher from each team to attend scoring training sessions to learn how to score, how to train their team, and how to use the rubrics. The scoring training sessions are one day per grade level.

The timeline is as follows:

March 1st - March 11th: Teachers print out MAC tests and students take tests across two days (1st and 2nd grade will complete one task per day for five days).

March 15th-17th: Selected teachers attend the scoring training.

March 18th: Trainers train their teammates using the calibration tools (if it applies).

March 21st-March 25th: There are collaboration days this week. These blocks of time may be used to score the tests or teams may decide to score the tests on their own time.

April 22nd: Deadline for tests to be scored

We are very excited to participate in the 2016 SVMI MAC test this year.

Candy Bar Fraction Situation in Mrs. Johnson's class

CAASPP: 10 Weeks until State Testing!

These test blueprints provide information about the number of items, score points, and depth of knowledge for items associated with each assessment target.



Practice before the test! CAASPP Practice and Training Tests:

•Test Administrator (TA) Resources for the Smarter Balanced Practice and Training Tests


Spring conferences are to be held for:

- ANY child you have safety-netted, or is in the RTI process MUST have a conference.

- ANY child receiving more than one "Beginning" MUST have a conference. We are not holding full middle school spring student led conferences. It is too close to Open House.

-ANY parent that requests a conference should be given a conference time slot.

The memo replaces weekly staff meetings - the memo has critical information. Thank you for reading the memo.

A great tool to schedule your conferences is to set up a "We Join In" account (the tool you used to sign up for the convocation). Typically conferences are 20 minutes in length.

Please send home two copies of the completed report cards and work samples on March 16th. One copy of the report card should be signed and returned to school.

Please check your emails for an email dated 2/5 titled Spring Conferences for the parent letter.

If you would like administration to attend the conferences or do a "fly-by" to ensure it ends on time etc, please contact us.

Parent Bullying

Our staff has seen a sharp rise in "Bully Parent" issues over the past few years.

With the increase of email communication, social network interaction and the ever-present nature of parking lot gossip, feelings of personal affront can be taken to the masses with ease and quickly become libelous if left unchecked.

The LVCS staff give their email address to parents in an effort to open the lines of communication and our 6th-8th grade teachers post grades online every two weeks. For the concerned, engaged parent without much time, this is a godsend. However, for the parent bully24/7 communication channels offer an environment ripe for harassment.

Some of our teachers are contacted by bully parents multiple times daily, subject to continual unannounced visits and expected to treat thebully parent’s child with extra care in order to better reflect the success that the parent expects. A bully parent will not see grading flaws as her child’s, but as the teacher’s. The bully parent will question the teacher’s curriculum and assignment choices, grading technique and qualifications. He may complete his child’s homework himself and expect the teacher to accept the submission as the child’s own, all in an effort to elevate his child above the rest of the class. The bully parent vents their concerns on social media. The bully parent gossips and riles up other parents.

Some of the most disturbing examples of abuse from LVCS parents include:

-Parent slamming fist on table, swearing at the teacher and leaving a conference because they did not agree with the report card.
-Venting on Facebook about individual teachers including, a teacher called ‘dangerous’, by a mother incorrectly claiming that the teacher had ‘tried to kill her daughter’ by making her do PE without an inhaler.
- Receiving anonymous mail that reads, "You deserve a F-"
-Threats that they will go to the media if staff does not meet parent demands.
-A teacher being told by a volunteer parent, "I will not be micromanaged by someone younger than me"
-83 (multiple page emails) from the same parent in 90 days.

- A parent signing email correspondence by suggesting administration have the police on stand by and typing "do not f@*k with me".

As educators, we walk a fine line between surrogate parent and authority figure, professional and employee. Because we are paid for our duties, there is an expectation of service and results, and this attitude is exacerbated in charter schools. But really any taxpayer these days has a stake in the public school system, and most have no problem asserting it. In addition, the nature of education as a graded system, puts us straddling a line between the different realities of entitlement and achievement.

With special needs students, their additional requirements, though ensured through the Individuals with Disabilities Act and their IEPs (Individual Educational Plans) still set them apart. A parent who struggles with the reality of the challenges presented by a special needs child may find that lashing out at those supposed to help “normalize” this child, is her only recourse for the endless frustrations that parenting that child can create. Also, the atmosphere of parent-as-advocate within the special needs community can be taken to the extreme in the wrong hands.

No matter the circumstances or justification that a parent bully has for his or her actions, the fact that this behavior can continue to occur outside of school through online channels increases the stress on the staff. The attitude of the parent bully contributes to the staff's dissatisfaction with his/her job, affects the rest of the class, and, ultimately, short changes the child whom the parent bully was trying to protect because it steals away reality by sheltering him.

According to a new study, 1:3 teachers has been bullied by parents throughout the US.

We have been quietly addressing the "bully parents" individually and work closely with Derek to ensure we are protecting our staff.

I will be taking a stronger stance on the "parent bully" and will be revoking parent volunteer privileges of parents that treat our staff disrespectfully.

The vast majority of our parents are incredibly supportive and respectful. This small pocket of bully parents is not reflective of our parent community, and requires a disproportionate amount of administrative attention.

At LVCS we firmly believe in healthy two way communication and feel strongly that parents should have voice in our school. We rely on parent feedback to help improve our school- we just ask that it be professional, respectful and through the proper channels.

Our passion for providing families choice in education is every bit as strong as when we opened our doors ten years ago. And it is solely due to the energy and dedication of our stakeholders. The secret to our success is the collaboration of our educators partnering with our Dragon families to create something amazing.

If you receive a communication that is disrespectful, demanding or is otherwise considered a "nasty-gram", please involve administration immediately. If a facebook post paints our school in a negative light and/or specifically names a staff member, please screen shot it and inform the administration immediately.


COMMUNICATION/TECHNOLOGY – Please use your LVCS email exclusively for work communication. You must respond to parent communication within 72 hours.

Personal calls/texts/IMs/social networking sites/personal emails are not permitted during the instructional blocks. Please make calls during your breaks.

Do NOT use your social networking site (facebook) to post student pictures or classroom news.

We have a new Livermore Valley Charter School official face book account – you can post class news there as well as your class website. Please use your class website.

SUGGESTION: On your smart phones- Turn the LVCS email settings off. If there is a reason you need to check your emails, just switch the setting. It IS NOT healthy or necessary for you to have your work email interrupting your non-work hours. Please do not give out your personal cell phone numbers to parents.

Requesting Field Trip Scholarships

If you have a student that needs a scholarship for a field trip and/or class activity, please email Tara. She will coordinate the scholarship for the student.

Collaboration periods:

This is paid, work time, not free time. If you have a special circumstance, please request permission to leave campus from Tara, Amanda, or Kelly. If you have a doctor or dentist appointment etc. please request the time off officially. Prior to having a colleague cover your class during an instructional block, you must have permission from the administration.


SMART OBJECTIVES MUST BE POSTED AND REVIEWED WITH THE CLASS DAILY - Rigorous, bite sized, measurable, standards based smart objectives should be written on the board and reviewed with your Dragons prior to, throughout and at the conclusion of each lesson. These objectives should drive your activities… “At the end of the day you will be able to/know/learn etc.” (This is different than your daily schedule)


Students are allowed to have balloons at school for their birthdays. Please ask the students to keep their balloons in the back of the room so they aren't a distraction.



Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures


CLASSROOM EMERGENCY KITS: You should have a clip board with multiple copies of your roster for all of your classes and a pen/pencil. You should also have a large cylinder in your room that has emergency provisions, first aid and a bright colored vest. PLEASE MOVE THESE LARGE EMERGENCY KITS NEXT TO YOUR DOOR. In the case of an emergency, they need to be easily accessible.

Fire/Evacuation Drills: Please put multiple copies of your class roster and a pen in your emergency kit. In the event of a drill or emergency, please evacuate your class. PUT YOUR BRIGHT COLORED VEST ON WHILE EXITING (it is located inside your emergency kit) Students should evacuate silently LEAVING DOORS UNLOCKED and line up (see map).YOU DO NOT NEED TO CARRY YOUR LARGE EMERGENCY CYLINDER OUT DURING A DRILL! YOU DO NEED TO TAKE THE VEST OUT AND WEAR IT.

Teacher should then take attendance, Teacher will then hold up:

Fist: ALL HERE (if a child was marked absent that morning, and you have the other 19, you still hold up a fist)

1 Finger: A child is missing because they went to the restroom or speech etc.

2 Fingers: A child is missing and you do not know where they are.

Earthquake Drills: Lights off, blinds closed, doors closed, students under desk in kneeling position heads down. Hands over neck, face down. Teachers either under their desk or in doorway. Only evacuate if directed to by main office.


1. Keep students in classrooms pending further instructions.

2. Secure and lock all doors

3. Close all windows and close shades

4. Account for all students – call the office if you have children from other classrooms in your room.

5. Do not allow anyone to leave the secure room until ALL CLEAR message is received.

6. Students should take their seats and lessons can continue.

7. Passing periods and lunch should be disregarded until SHELTER IN PLACE has concluded.

If outside:

1. Move indoors

SHELTER IN PLACE DURING MORNING DROP OFF : The procedures will be the same as above AND WE WILL:




Rachel & Jessica for rocking the 2016 lottery!

Jackie - Coordinating pictures for the website and working on the MAC test upload

Tessa - Subbing

Erin, Gabby, Emily, Claudia, Amy, Heidi, DZ - Flexible with space

Everyone that came to Teacher Voice

Thank you to Kate Brunicardi! Kate has decided to stay home and take care of Baby Macy full time. We wish her the very best!

Save The Dates


3/1 STEAM/PBL/Blended Committee 5 -8 Teachers 1:30 - 2:30PM K - 4 Teachers 12:00 - 1:30

3/1 Council

3/2 Magic of Math Assembly

3/3- Middle School RTI Check In

3/3 School Wide Write Committee

3/7-Common Core Math Night for Parents 6:00pm

3/9 - Livermore Choral Festival (LVCS & LVCP) @ Shrine Event Center(?) 6:30pm

3/9 - RTI Math Check In

3/10 - RTI Reading Check In

3/15-16 ELD Committee

3/16-18 Spring Conferences

3/16 Dragon Assembly 8:30 (TK - 5)

3/17 Spirit Day - St. Patrick's Day

3/21 Collaboration Grade 8 (8 - 11) Grade 7 (12 -2:45)

3/24 Collaboration Grade 6 (8-11:00) Grade 5 (12-2:45)

3/22 Collaboration Grade 2 (8:15 - 11:30) Grade 3 (11:30-2:55)

3/23 Collaboration Grade 1 (8:15 - 11:30) Grade 4 (11:30 - 2:55)

3/25 Collaboration Grade K (8:15 - 11:30)

3/25 Perfect Attendance 8:30AM

3/25 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

3/30 Full School Leadership Assembly 2PM

4/1 Film Festival


4/4-8 Spring Break

4/11 GLL

4/12 STEAM/PBL/Blended Committee 5 - 8 Teachers 1:30 - 2:30PM K - 4 Teachers 12:00 - 1:30

4/12 Council

4/12 Dragon Assembly 8:30AM (TK - 5)

Spirit Day -

4/14 PBIS (8:30 - 11:30)

4/14 School Wide Writing Committee Results/Reflection (11:30 - 2:30)

4/15 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

4/18-22 Malakoff Diggins Trip

4/22 Early Release & Afternoon PD

4/30-5/3 Disneyland Music Trip

4/27 MS Leadership Assembly 2PM


5/3 Council

5/3 STEAM/PBL/Blended Committee 5 - 8 Teachers 1:30 - 2:30PM K - 4 Teachers 12:00 - 1:30

Spring Music Concert

5/13 Bocce tournament

Music concert for Elementary grades

5/13 Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

Spirit Day -

5/17-18 Spring Musical

5/20 School Performance of the musical 8:15 (K, 5th - 8th) 12:45 (1 - 4)

5/22 Junior Olympics

5/24 Spring Music Concert


5/25 Open House/Science Expo

5/25 Dragon Assembly 8:30AM (TK - 5)

5/31 LVCP Theatrical Presentation 1:15PM


6/2 Dragon Assembly 8;30AM (TK - 5)

6/2 Perfect Attendance ALL YEAR celebration

6/8 Volunteer Tea

6/10 June & July Student Birthday Celebration K 11:45AM, 1-8 2:30PM

6/14 – 8th Grade vs. Staff Dodge Ball Game

6/15 - Promotion 5pm

6/16 - Kinder Celebration 10AM

6/16 - Last Day of School – Early Release