May 13th


This week, we started by focusing on the letter z. As we formed the letter z, we reviewed all of the Superkids and the special activities they did. We learned the memory word was and used it in our questions in order to ask and answer questions about the various things that happened with our Superkids throughout the year. We continued to practice reading and writing plural words by adding an s to the end of the word. It was interesting to us when we noticed that sometimes the word sounds as if it ends with the letter z, but we learned that we use an -s or -es to make words plural, not the letter z.

Our favorite part of the Superkids book we are currently using is the photo album inside. Some of the pages are black with photos of the Superkid adventures attached. Underneath each picture there were two different captions. One of the captions described the picture and the other one did not. We needed to read the captions and circle the one that described what the Superkids were doing in the picture.

Another way we reviewed some of the adventures the Superkids had throughout the year was through a sequencing activity. We needed to use the pictures to tell which event happened first, next, and last and glue them in the correct order.

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Our math unit on 3D shapes is moving right along. At the beginning of the week, we focused on counting the vertices, edges and faces of cones, cylinders, cubes, rectangular prisms, and pyramids with our table groups. We needed to each explore the shape at our table and individually decide how many vertices, edges, or faces the shape had. Then, as a group we discussed our thoughts and as a group made a decision. We then shared our answer to find out if we were correct in our thinking. If we were incorrect, we needed to go back and work together to figure out the number, but if we were correct we got a new shape to explore. We are continually using the vocabulary to name the shapes and their attributes so that we can remember it all!
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Crazy Hair Day

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Kindergarten Lunch Experience

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