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December 22, 2014

Upcoming District Assessments

F&P Assessment
All scores need to be entered into Data Director

January 5th to January 23rd

Jenny will be sending detailed information after break.

Upcoming Walk-throughs

Our walk-through focus over the next couple weeks will be on Guided Reading. Please see the attached look for sheet.
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Meadowbrook December Birthdays!

Amy Hodges-12th

Emily Lynch-21st


Monday, January 5th-Welcome back!

report card-grades and comments due by noon

Tuesday, January 6th-Make grade card corrections


Thursday, January 8th-Math Solutions consultant will be here for the day (TJ) All primary teachers will meet with him in the am/intermediate in the pm

Friday, January 9th-Distribution of grade cards

PLTs-3, 4,5

Monday, January 12th-PTA meeting @ 6pm

J. Haistings will meet with 3 grade levels for 2 hours each

Tuesday, January 13th-PBS meeting

J. Haistings will meet with 3 grade levels for 2 hours each


January 20th & 23rd

PLTs (short reflection on Module #4 and Teaching Point)

Priorities.....Information needed!

For PLTs (Weeks of January 5th and January 12th)/Early Release Collab (January 8th) the following items will need your attention:
  • *Update Instructional Calendars – all grade levels – submit to Kathy and Tarah and put a copy in on the shared drive
  • F & P Data Review – all grade levels (regroup students)
  • *Data Protocol for completed math unit. Please update smart goal information in conference room and provide data to Kathy and Tarah
  • *Data Protocol for December Benchmarks in ELA and also math for grades 3-5. If your growth was not what you desired or expected to see provide a 30 day action plan.

*Items that Kathy will need to refer to in an upcoming meeting with Chad.

6 Mac Carts-Arriving after Break!

Here is what we know....

Each grade level will be assigned to a cart. The following teachers will be responsible for their grade level cart-making sure it is plugged in nightly, pushing it into your classroom when you have activities, and locking it every night/unlocking it in the morning (York, Camacho, Swisshelm, T. Davis, Bradham, Cox)

Students should use the same computer number when possible. Please assign each student a number (already established class numbers would be the best).

All computers should be returned to the cart nightly and plugged in (so they can be charged).

We will have a sign up sheet/check out system in place.