Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham

- What is ISIS? -

ISIS is an international terrorist group found mainly throughout the Middle-East. ISIS is a group of Muslims who have very specific beliefs, and have a strong belief of the coming apocalypse. ISIS terrorizes anyone who does not beliefs and have killed and tortured many US Soldiers and Residents of the middle-East.

- Facts About ISIS -

  • ISIS is known for killing dozens of people at a time and carrying out public executions
  • The group currently controls hundreds of square miles.
  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the current ISIS Leader.
  • ISIS is known for destroying ancient antiquities.
  • ISIS's goal is to create an Islamic - State known as a caliphate across Sunni areas across Iraq and in Syria.

- Aftermath -

The aftermath of some of ISIS's work is the destruction of monuments across the world along with ancient artifacts. They continue to destroy and kill, as well as perform public killings, which they use to scare others. ISIS, has threatened the US Soils, but I have not heard of any ISIS related terrors performed.