Life of Julius Caesar

By: Jade White

Julius Caesar Childhood

Life for Julius Caesar was kind of great, first he was a one child in his family, he is also a prince and his mom and dad were good to him. His father train him to become a great leader and that he did. Then when Julius was 16 his father past away and his mother took care of him untile he was a grown man.

The Great Leader Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar fought in many fights with his dad before he pass away. When Julius Caesar was a grown man he took his fathers place to lead the army in many wars. Then when people heard about they want him to be the ruler of the kingdom that he grow up in.

Julius Caesar The Great

After Julius Caesar fought in big wars and won he became ruler of Rome. People love that the most powerful leader was their ruler for two years, but Julius Caesar wanted to rule untile he pass away, but no one like that so they to stop him for ruling untile he pass away.

Julius Caesar Pass Away

The peolpe wanted Julius Caesar to be gone, so later one then word got out somebody assinanated him and Julius Caesar was no more, but he love cleopatra the 7th and she had his son Caesarion become a great leader like his father Julius Caesar the great.

The New Ruler

After Julius Ceasar pass away his son was going to be the new ruler when he grows up to be a strong leader to rule the kingdom and lead his men into war when they are in a war just like his father. He rule the kingdom for two years like the law say and was still the leader of the army.