local winds and global winds

What is wind?

  • Wind is the sideways movement of air. The air always moves from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

  • Differences in air pressure are caused by difference in how places are heated by the sun.Warm air has less pressure than cooler air.

  • The name of a wind tells you where the wind is coming from. For example, a west wind blows from the west.

  • wind speed is measured by a anemometer.

Local winds

  • Local wind are wind that blow over a short distance. A cool breeze blowing in from the water over the beach is an example of local wind

  • unequal heating often happens near lakes and oceans coasts.

  • A sea breeze is a local wind that blows from an ocean. A lake breeze is a local wind that blows from a lake. A sea breeze or lake breeze usually happens during the day.

  • A Land breeze is a local winds that blow from the land over a lake or ocean.A land breeze usually happens at night.

Global Winds

  • A global wind is a wind that blows steadily over a long distance.A global wind blows from the same direction every time

  • The sun heats earths unequally. For example, the sun shines directly over the equator. The sun shines at an angle over the poles.

  • Earths rotations from east to west.Earths rotation makes global winds curve.The way that winds curve i called the Coriolis effect.

  • The Coriolis effect makes wind in the northern hemisphere curve to the right. It makes wind in the southern hemisphere go to the left.