Grace E

What reading is to me

Reading is important to me because it takes me into the book. It is fun to imagine being in the book you are reading. Every time you read, you learn something knew without even knowing it. Reading is something that I've alwaysed loved.

Not a reader?

If you don't like reading, maybe it's because you haven't found a good book yet. Try finding what your favorite genre is your favorite(mystery, fantasy, science fiction, etc). You also might not be into reading enough. From my own experience, when I don't read for a few days, I am not as interested in the book.

Book Recomendations

Book Genres and Recommendations

Realistic Fiction:

An Abundance Of Kathrines

If I Stay

I Was Here

See You At Harry's


The Red Queen

A Court Of Thorns And Roses

Six Of Crows

The Young Elites

Science Fiction:

I Am Number Four

The Program