Vasek's Vision

Our Class Newsletter for the Week of September 9-13, 2013

What did we do this week?

Reading- We learned how to make deep and meaningful Text to Self connections. We used the appearance of an iceberg in order to understand a deep connection. Most of an iceberg is found below the surface. We heard fiction and nonfiction books and read our own books to write our deeper connections. We focused in the areas of memories, families, pets, feelings, and adventures. We began looking at Text to Text and started our Poetry folders using a poem that incorporated the five senses. And we enjoyed reading our books from our book box!

Writing- As a class we practiced the rules and activities within a Writer’s Workshop setting. We continued to write from our life experiences. We studied a chart that highlights the routines of the Writers Workshop in order to develop our writing skills. We practiced organizing our writing plan by using a beginning, middle, and ending sketches before we began writing.

Math- We worked on a time pre-assessment and shared strategies as we solved word problems. Also, we developed our own Math About Me listings to show how numbers and Math are everywhere in our lives. We developed different ways to illustrate a "magic number" and worked to prove that one number is greater/lesser than another number. We solved word problems with a Show and Tell organization plan to clearly illustrate our strategy choices and "why" explanations that fit each strategy.

Science- We completed our post it collection of "Science Wonderings" and signed a Science Lab safety contract. Also, we reviewed safety procedures and behaviors during Science activities. Finally, we made a safety poster with a partner that illustrated safe behavior choices in Science.

A Look Into Next Week

-Social Studies: Functions of Government, Constitution Day, American Freedom Menu

- Reading and Writing: Text to Text, Setting, Main Character; Reader’s Response and creative writing

- Math: patterns, algebraic thinking, picture and bar graphs, word problem solving,

Sommer Library Birthday Book Club

Parents: If you would like to purchase a library book with a dedication to your child's birthday please follow the directions on the following link.

Sommer Library Birthday Book Club:

Important Dates

September 18- Return Library Books in order to check out new ones.

September 16- New Homework goes home

September 16- Last Week's Homework is due

September 20- Freedom Walk and Counselor class visit

September 25-Early Release at 12:45

Congratulations to Varsha our class Star Stallion!

Homework Information

Homework continues this week: Sept. 16-20th. The Heritage Doll is an important assignment. It must be completed. Please read the directions with your child and decide the number of assignments you would like to do. Variety is built into the Homework assignments. The choices are determined by the concepts and skills taught during the prior week(s). During 2nd grade you can help your child complete the assignments. Great learning is underway! Remember to staple all of the pages/sheets together!

Happy Birthdays in September!

Vedant: 17th

Nayana: 30th

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Please review your child’s work/notes home, sign and return the empty folder on Friday.

**Check your child’s planner each night for notes from myself or the office.

*** Please initial each day by the sticker or note so I know that you have seen your child's planner. Thank you.