Greek and Roman

Greek Art

In the time of the Ancient Greeks, pottery was used as containers for wine, water, and olive oil. A modern version of this art form is a vase. Instead of storing food and drink, flowers are generally placed inside of them along with water.

Greek Language

Greek is the language from which we get 12% of our words. Our easy system of writing also originates from Greek, as well as the five vowels. A modern version if this is our alphabet which is used constantly in daily life.

Greek Sports

The first Olympics occurred in 776 BCE and included only four sports: footrace, wrestling, long jumping, and javelin. Nowadays, there are summer and winter Olympics and fifty-six sports in all. Some of these include archery, diving, table tennis, synchronized swimming, and weight lifting.

Greek Theater

In Ancient Greece, tragedies, comedies, and romances were performed in an amphitheater. The people that acted in these plays were called Thespians and were all men. Greek theater influences many movies and even TV shows to this day.

Roman Architecture

In Ancient Rome, aqueducts were elevated water systems, their structure canal-like. The water, from springs, wells, and distant lakes, was used to supply for their bathhouses, fountains, and private household. They are used this day in the form of a toilet, something incredibly important for daily life.

Roman Religion

Those who practiced Christianity in Ancient Rome were persecuted, used as scapegoats, and killed. That is until it was declared the national religion of Rome in 395 CE. Nowadays, Christianity is the worlds largest religion, with over 2.4 billion followers.

Roman Infrastructure

The Romans' roads were extremely advanced for their time. They developed 250,000 miles of it made of heavy concrete blocks. In modern times, our roads are made of pavement and stretch beyond imagination.

Roman Freedoms

In Rome, women were given the rights to own property and businesses. Extremely rare for its time, it paved the way for women around the world. In present times, women can go to school, get degrees, be the head of households, be a part of office, and an infinite number of other things.