What was it like then & now?

~About gymnastics~

Gymnastics has been around for over 2,000 years. It was invented in Ancient Greece and though it is unknown who invented gymnastics, it is likely that it was used to train soldiers to get ready for war. Gymnastics demonstrates strength, balance, and body control. It is a competitive sport where men and women perform difficult skills that take a lot of practice. Gymnastics has changed drastically over the years. There are many examples of how it has changed, but the main change was the events that were competed on, and who competed them. Women didn't even start the sport until 1928. Here are some examples of women competing on the uneven bars!

~More About Gymanstics~

Here are some videos of gymnasts from the 1960's to 2012. Notice there are many changes throughout the performances!

Double Bar Graphs!

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