Courtship Sounds or Calls

By Jayla Wagner

Mating sounds and calls is..

A sound one makes as a way to show there desire (sexually) for another guy or girl. This call usually leads to increased sexual desire and in many cases sexual intercourse.The sounds don't necessarily have to be sounds that they make, but use things to make the specific sound that it needs to make. Could mean that it sounds leaves on trees to make the sound, or just its self making noises with its mouth.It may not be as obvious to us that it is a mating call, as it could be a normal sound that we associate the animal and the sound.Or let alone the breathing behavior.

Gray Tree Frog

The gray tree frog is more likely to do its mating call at night.The way they make their mating call is on frog will insinuate the chatter like noise.Then wait and listen for another to make a similar noise back to it.So of the frog mating calls are so very close to a predator sound.Unless faced with competition from other male frogs, a tungara is reluctant to use a complex mating call, as it makes him easier to be located

Gray Tree Frog mating call


first off a kakapoo is a large flightless new Zealand parrot with greenish plumage. They attract their mates by it chews plants for their juices and digs up rhizomes to crush them with its ridged bill. Males construct pathways to excavated mating arenas known as leks, where they gather in traditional spots to call and display for females. In a plate-sized depression often at the crest of a rocky knoll, the male inflates his chest like a bloated bullfrog, heaves his thorax, bobs his head, and releases a squeal.

Kākāpō bird call


They have a throat pouch that serves as a resonating chamber for the “long call,” a sequence of roars that can sometimes be heard for 2 km (1.2 miles).The males have some calls that can last for a couple of minutes.The females normally don't have long calls.

Orangutan Long Call


owls are one of the many animals that the pitch of the mating call is very important. Usual owl sounds include snaps of the bill, claps of the wings in flight, and a variety of vocalizations, with pitches, timbres, and rhythms unique.Though the most common sound is the normal whoo.But some have a very odd screech for a mating call.

Screech Owl Mating Calls


Grasshoppers have an amazing ability to identify their mates. Each have their own song that they make.They make the noise by rubbing or flicking the lower back legs on the fore wings to create either a chirping or clicking sound.The females have a softer "chirp" then the males.Though they all have a different song they all sound very similar to us.

Grasshopper Mating Call