Every Day

By David Levithan

Book overveiw

Every day A lives in a different body, and in a different mind. A has know the same thing for his/her whole life, and has never really thought about the fact that he/she doesn't have a family, or friends. While in the body of a guy named Justin, he/she meets a girl named Rhiannon, and fell in love with the way she talked and they way she acted, and the way she viewed the world.





Main idea

i think the main idea is that you should never take people in your life for granted, because just like in A's case you never know what will happen to make you not be able to see them again. Never pass up a moment with someone who means a lot to you because you might never get the chance to be with that person again.


Anyone could read this book. But i would recommend this book for young adults.
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"There is a part of childhood that is childish, and a part that is sacred. Suddenly we are touching the sacred part-running to the shoreline, feeling the first cold burst of water on our ankles, reaching into the tide to catch at shells before they ebb away from our fingers." (page 14)
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"I run. I am made for running. Because when you run, you could be anyone. You hone yourself into a body, nothing more or less than a body. You respond as a body, to the body. If you are racing to win, you have no thoughts but the body's thoughts, no goals but the body's goals. You obliterate yourself in the name of speed. You negate yourself in order to make it past the finish line." (page 182)
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