Element 36


  • Discovered by Sir William Ramsay
  • Discovered in the year 1898
  • Discovered at Great Britian
  • The word krypton is from the Greek word kryptos (hidden)


  • Classification: Non-metal
  • Standard State: Gas
  • Color: colorless gas
  • Boiling Point: 119.93 K
  • Melting Point: 115.79 K
  • Density: 0.003733 grams per cubic centimeter

Intresting Characteristics

  • One of the rarest gases on earth
  • Krypton-84 is the most abundant isotope

Uses of Krypton in today's world

  • Often used in photography
  • One of the gases that makes neon light
  • Photographic projection lamps
  • In some incandescent lightbulbs
  • Sealed between the glass of some double-paned windows to help them trap heat