Financial Services

A bank that has everything under one brand

Former generations of people remember banks as places that gave you your money and which made you wait endlessly for the simplest transactions to finish. They would be astonished at the advancement done in the banking technology in India today not only are banks functioning in real time for customers’ convenience, they are an important guiding factor in people’s financial lives.

The most reputed banks in the country are those that offer customers every opportunity to grow their wealth. Whether fulfilling professional or personal goals, they realise that banks are much more than just safe guards of your money. This is done via creating and executing a range of path breaking products and financial services, such as:

Personal banking: The purpose of products in this space is to offer predictive financial services to customers. Hence, an intuitive bank offers systems and financial services, such as personal savings bank accounts, savings accounts for minors and older citizens, fixed and recurring deposits and free lifetime debit cards. They also offer interest on savings account deposits at very competitive rates. Addition, they offer on-call assistance and constant Internet access for instant banking.

Commercial and wholesale banking: Businesses grapple with many complex financial problems, and commercial banking services bridge the gap between companies and the markets with a range of practical solutions. Businesses in the corporate sector, SMEs and even small businesses require help for many activities, ranging from cash management to trade finance. Banks dealing in commercial banking can help design products that help these businesses meet their financial goals.

Business banking: The current business-centric environment in the country is urging many potential entrepreneurs to explore their options in setting up their own companies. These new and upcoming businesses require financial instruments such as current accounts, portfolio management, trade and Forex services, FDs for business, cash management, et al. The best banks in India have recognised the potential for customised financial services to meet the challenges of the growing commercial ecosystem.

Rural banking: For too long, the country’s semi-urban and rural areas have had restricted access to new age banking services. However, India’s premier banking institutions have been quick to catch up and overcome this anomaly – they offer accessible, practical financial services even to the rural hinterlands so that more and more Indians have access to quality banking services. Today, many of India’s villages are connected with a robust network of ATMs, bank branches and money transfer outlets. Besides these, banks are offering such services as doorstep banking, quick receipt facilities, etc.