Fifth Grade News

February 18, 2016

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Learning Targets


* Use story structure to write a narrative

* Use the six traits of writing to write a narrative


* Solve real-world problems involving multiplication and division of fractions and whole numbers

* Prepare for chapter assessment

Social Studies

* Understand the impact of slavery on Africans

* Prepare for chapter assessment


* Understand the meaning of Lent

* Study the Way of the Cross for presentation of Shadow Stations of the Cross

* Create a poster depicting The Sanctity of Life


Tomorrow - All School Lenten Mass

Tomorrow - Chapter 4 Math Test

Monday - Social Studies Test - Lesson 8

February 23 - OJP "The Lightning Thief" 9:30

February 24 - Rough draft narrative due

February 24 - States and Capitals Test #1

You're Kind of a Big Deal

We have assigned roles for our Shadow Stations. These holy souls are very excited to be Jesus, Mary, Veronica, John, Nicodemus. . . . Even the role of soldier is fun because of the costume.

Our "Question of the Week" and "What's Next" activities inspire the students to research when they have time throughout the week. After completing 10 "What's Next" activities, students my bring in a yoga ball to use at the small desks. We now have four. These balls help in concentration, posture and core strength. It's another tool to use since we don't have a full set of the tall desks. So. . .if your child asks for one, that's why.

This week's Question of the Week:

Add parentheses to the expressions to make them true.

4 + 3 x 7 = 49

45 ÷ 9 - 24 ÷ 6 = 1

"What's Next" this week is a deductive reasoning task. They really seem to like this one!

Thank you so much for the Valentine party treats. What a fun group. Our next "party" will be ice cream after bowling in May. More on that later.

Thank you for making fifth grade at Saint Michael Parish School a blessed place to be.



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