Secondary G/T Parent Referrals

Lewisville ISD Secondary Advanced Academics

Should I refer my child for G/T assessment?

Parents considering referring their child for G/T services assessment should begin by reviewing the document linked below to determine if your child might be a candidate for referral.

How do I submit a referral for G/T assessment?

Parents of students in grades 6-11 can initiate the referral process by completing the form linked below. To refer a student for G/T assessment, students must be currently enrolled in an LISD secondary school.

When the referral form is received by the Office of Secondary Advanced Academics, you will receive confirmation of your referral.

Secondary Advanced Academics accepts G/T referrals during the fall, spring, and summer. The assessment windows during the school year are August 1-September 30 and January 1-February 28. Summer referrals are accepted for students transferring into LISD who have not been previously identified as G/T.

What happens after I refer my child for G/T assessment?

After a referral is received, Secondary Advanced Academics will begin the formal assessment process.

1. Secondary Advanced Academics contacts parents/guardians via email to confirm receipt of the referral and to share other important information regarding the referral process.

2. Campus G/T facilitators are notified of the referral.

3. Qualitative data is collected, including but not limited to teacher input, parent input, work samples, anecdotal observations, and advocacy statements.

4. Quantitative data is collected.

  • Ability tests are administered on campus and occur in October/November or March/April. You will be notified via email of your child's specific testing date and time two weeks prior to testing. No preparation is necessary. Assessments are designed to determine if a student may benefit from gifted/talented services. Using preparatory materials or resources prior to testing may invalidate results.
  • Recent STAAR state percentile scores are also collected. In the absence of STAAR scores, parents may submit other recent achievement test scores for consideration.

5. Student data is compiled into a G/T Profile for review.

6. The campus G/T review committee meets to review student profiles and make a recommendation for placement.

7. The district G/T review committee meets to review campus recommendations and determine final placement. The district G/T selection committee meets in December, May, and early August.

8. The committee's placement decision, as well as the student's assessment profile and test score report, is shared with parents/guardians.

What happens if my child is identified as needing G/T services in LISD?

After notification of placement, parents/guardians and students should review the secondary G/T service model linked below to consider any potential schedule changes. If schedule changes are necessary due to G/T placement, parents/guardians or students should reach out to your child's campus counselor to discuss these options. Click the link below to learn more about secondary G/T services.

What if my child was receiving G/T services at another school?

For information about transferring G/T status from another district or school, pausing G/T services for one year, or exiting the G/T program in LISD, please click the link below.

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