Stress Management

Things you should know bout stress

What Really Is Stress?

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from difficult or demanding circumstances.

Teen Stress

Teens are under so much stress these days. And most the issue is they don't know how to manage their stress. A few examples of what Stresses Teens are....

  • School performance ( such as tests and home work etc...)
  • Parents expectations
  • Friends
  • Girlfriends/Boyfriends
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Their appearance
  • Bulling
  • Social medias

Facts on Teen Stress

  • Every one in five Teens are qualified as clinically depressed.
  • Between 600-800 Teens between 15-24 commit suicide annually.
  • 46% of polled teachers claimed they knew of kids in middle and high schools self harming.
  • 85% of teen stress is made up of 45% Females to 32% of males.

Statistics on Teen Stress: How Teens Manage Stress

  • 25% avoid or refuse to deal with their stress
  • 23% sought ways to distract themselves from stress
  • 17% sought support
  • 35% actively tried to reduce their stress

Statistics on Teen Stress: Effects on Teen Stress

  • 31% reported of feeling overwhelmed
  • 30% reported feeling sad or depressed
  • 36% reported of feeling tired
  • 23% report of skipping a meal(s)

Statistics on Teen Stress: Precentage Of What Stressed Teen's Most

  • School Work -(78%)
  • Parents -(68%)
  • Romantic Relationships -(64%)
  • Friends' Problems -(64%)
  • Younger Siblings -(64%)

Statistics on Teen Stress: Over Time

  • 16% of teens sat their stress declined
  • 31% said their stress increased over the past year
  • 34% said they feel as if their stress will come back or increase highly in the next year
  • 42% feel they aren't doing enough to manage their stress
  • 13% say they never set aside time to manage their stress rate

Effects of Stress on Teens

  • Self Harm
  • Feeling Sad or Depressed
  • Skipping Meals
  • Dropping of Grades
  • Sheltering themselves from others
  • Weight problems
  • Skin conditions
  • Memory issues
  • Moodiness
  • Short tempered
  • Sense of loneliness
  • inapplicable of concentration
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Negative Ways To Manage Stress

  • Using Drugs
  • Sleeping to much
  • Not sleeping enough
  • Binge eating
  • Withdraw from friends and family
  • Procrasination
  • Avoid facing problems
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Taking out your stress on others
  • Smoking

Positive Ways to Manage Stress

  • Listen to Music
  • Go for a walk
  • Take a long bath
  • Light scented Candles
  • Drink a cup of coffee or tea
  • Play with a pet
  • Write in a journal
  • Call a good friend
  • Express your feelings don't bottle them up
  • Avoid people whom stress you out
  • Manage your time
  • Look at the upsides
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