My dream job

History teacher

Commerce work

Job description

This occupation means that I would teach students at a secondary level. (meaning 7-12 Australia)

Qualifications and educational requirements

Teaching degree

4 years for a bachelor degree

Specific skills requires for the job






Type employment and its definition

full time: working or operating the customary number of hours in each day, week, or month. ( According to the

Approxiamte income, potential for advancement

  • Starting salary 4-year trained (eg BEd) = $41,109
  • Starting salary 5-year trained (eg BEd BA, BEd BSc, BA MTeach, BSc MTeach) = $43,225
  • Top of teacher salary scale (Step 13) = $58,692
  • Head teacher i.e. subject head = $66,534
  • Deputy Principal = from $64,977 to $76,923
  • Principal = from $77,915 to $95,101

Potential advancement: If I wanted to become head teacher for that subject area.

What interests you about this occupation

It's interesting to know what people did back then and how they lived in that time and teach others not to repeat mistakes.

A qoute to explain this would be "Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it". ( George Santayana)

Teaching someone something that would help them later on in their future endeavours is rewarding in itself.

Additional relevant information

I prefer ancient history rather than modern. Ancient histroy is odd and quirky making it fun to learn about rather than wars in modern.

How will you pay for your education?


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