The Sea Monster

Her Story

Scylla was once a beautiful Nymph who was loved by the sea-god Glaukos. She was a former maiden daughter of Phorcys and Crateis. Her jealous rival Kirke used magical powers to turn her into a sea monster. Because she was a sea monster she can create whirl pools to sink ships. Odysseus lost many of his seamen to Scylla, whose six mouths snatched and devoured the sailors.

Her Physical Traits

Scylla was now a monstrous sea goddess with 12 dangling feet, six necks with hideous dog heads lined with a triple row of sharp teeth. Her upper torso is the body of a beautiful and alluring woman. If a ship sailed close to Scylla's rocks they would easily lose six men due to her darting heads. The voice of Scylla sounded like the bark of a barking puppy.


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