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Saving the soil


The drought made the topsoil dry out quickly and turned to dust and it eventually blew away.When the farmers plowed they removed the grass and all of the soil was exposed.The soil in the great plains turned to dust.The erosion was serious in the southern plains.In the dust bowl the wind blew the soil East in black clouds.When soil is damaged it could loss it’s fertility.The soil could get exhausted when a plant takes away all it’s nutrients.

Soil that's good or bad


Contour plowing is one way to prevent soil loss. The farmers plow their fields around the slopes. When it rains this process helps the soil from washing away. Conservation is when the farmers distribute the soil but try to cover the dead plants as little as possible. The dead plants give the soil nutrients so it can retrain moisture. Crop rotation is when the farmers plant different type of crops. The soil gets it's nutrients back when they plant crops that absorb a little of nutrients.