Your Greatest Strength: Your Brain

A Special Presentation for Student Athletes

Mike Nerney Returns to Saratoga By Popular Demand!

Do you want to be the strongest athlete you can be?

Want to improve your perfomance on the water, on the field, in the pool or on the court?

  • The “brain expert” Michael Nerney offers entertaining and helpful ideas of how YOU can do just that.
  • “As an athlete your most important asset is NOT your foot speed, erg time or how much you can bench press. It is ….your brain.
  • Learn why "one weekend of drinking can undo two weeks worth of workouts."
  • Nutrition, sleep, focus and healthy goals all impact your performance. Our brains are fascinating tools of potential and Mr. Nerney has interesting techonology, funny stories and an entertaining way to learn more!

With thanks to the Christopher Dailey Foundation for making this program possible.

Presented by Parent University and Saratoga Rowing Association

Saturday, March 9th, 2-3:30pm

Saratoga Rowing Association Boathouse, 543 Union Avenue On the left before the bridge Parking available

Space is limited (students only)! Make your reservation below:

Questions? Email for further information