Elenor of Castile

By Rilee Filip


Ferdinand III of Castile and Joan countess of Ponthieu. Eleanor of castile is named after paternal great grandmother. Eleanor was the second of five children. Eleanor was born in 1241 and in 1290. Her first married was in 1254. She had great education. Her father wanted her to be smart. Her job was to be a queen. She lived in england. Never moved or travel a lot. Eleanor married Edward I in October 1254. They where close and Eleanor came with him on several crusades mission. A lot of her time was taken up with raising their fourteen children, including the future Edward II, born in 1284 . Eleanor was loved by many.


Edward acceded in 1272. As queen of a hot-tempered king, Eleanor has been credited with calming Edward and with offering sound advice, which he often acted on. She went with him on Crusade from 1270 to 1273. When criticized for such an unwomanly adventure, she said: "Nothing must part them whom God has joined, and the way to heaven is as near if not nearer from Syria as from England or my native Spain." Though the Crusade was not very productive militarily, it was for the royal family: during those three years Eleanor bore Edward two children. She was was at Charing Cross in London. Eleanor was not a self centered person, In 1272 Edward led his army to the Holy Land in the Ninth Crusade, with Eleanor. At Haifa Edward was stabbed with a poisoned dagger. Eleanor herself saved his life by sucking the poison from the open stab wound .when eleanor died she left someing behind her. When she left her husband king Edward was so sad and he said "Living I loved her dearly and I shall never cease to love her in death." Eleanor had planned for her death, she wished her heart to be taken to the Black Friars in London. Elenora was famouse for coming with Edward on a crusade from 1270 to 1273. That she saved his life at Acre by sucking poison from a dagger wound is evidently apocryphal. After Edward got the throne. Eleanor became very ill after she gave birth to her last child she was ill form malaria.Eleanor's body was taken to St Catherine's Priory, Lincoln where it was embalmed. Her other organs were buried in Lincoln Cathedral. Her final resting place was to be Westminster Abbey.


After Eleanor of castle died The crusades and during the crusades the Muslims where fighting with Urban the II over the holy land and wanted it for there own gods.


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