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April 2022

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On Thursday, January 20th, Impact100 Wichita Falls announced the total number of women who joined the organization or renewed their membership during the 2022 membership drive, resulting in one $114,000 grant to a nonprofit organization in the greater Wichita Falls, to be given on Tuesday, August 23rd at THE BIG GIVE. We are thrilled to make this announcement on behalf of the 114 members of Impact100 Wichita Falls!


Spring Business Meeting

Save the Date for our Spring Business Meeting upcoming on Thursday, April 28th from 5:30-7:30 PM at Region 9 ESC. Mailed invitations are soon to follow!

This meeting will serve as a member orientation, business report-out (inclusive of grants updates), review of strategic plan work, an ALL-CALL for member engagement, and connections with other members.

Don't feel like you're informed? Looking for a place to plug-in with other folks? Interested in using your time and talents to lead or serve on a committee? This meeting is for YOU!

2021-2023 Strategic Plan

Last November, with member feedback, the Impact100 Board of Directors approved the organization's first Strategic Plan. The Board firmly believes this long-term vision and its actions are necessary for growth.

The general scope of the work has been divided into four areas - Membership, Grants, Marketing & Communications, and Operations & Sustainability. Click the PDF below to review the established goals.

The Board and Committees are always looking for members to help us achieve these goals. If you're interested, please email with your name, contact information, and preferences as to where you want to serve.

DEI Committee Spotlight

We will highlight the work of one of our Committees in each future correspondence. In this edition, we'll be featuring our DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) Committee.

The DEI Team has been hard at work over the past two months brainstorming and establishing action steps to address organizational goals included in the strategic plan. As a result of the Committee's initial recommendations, the Board has committed to Intercultural Development Training through MSU, which will take place April through June. Tentatively, the entire membership may be given an opportunity to the same training. Stay tuned as more information is to come.

The DEI Committee is chaired by Dr. Yvonne Hearn and includes Connie Ali, Cammie Dean, Deanna Gilbert, Amber Schacter and Diann Taylor. A big thank you to this team as they lead us to a deeper understanding and utilization of equity, diversity, collaboration, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability in our organization.

In addition, Philanos, the national women's giving circle network, has provided best practice resources to help affiliates dismantle systemic racism through their philanthropic efforts. Click here to peruse these amazing tools to individually and collectively guide our thinking and actionable next steps to value ALL WOMEN in our organization.

Are You 'IN THE ZONE?'

Impact100 Wichita Falls divides our membership into zones. Why? We want to engage and better communicate with members in a more organic way instead of relying solely on social media and attendance at larger events to meet your engagement needs. Currently, our Board Members manage the 13 Zones. If you're unsure who your Zone leader is, especially if you're a newer member, email us at, and we'll get you 'IN THE ZONE.'


Many women have voiced interest in joining Impact100, but have simultaneously voiced concern of paying $1,000 in lump sum, especially at year-end when our recruitment campaign closes. We've also heard women say repeatedly that monthly or quarterly payments over a year's time is much more feasible for financial purposes.

Use our payment plans specific to your needs. Click on the Become a Member tab on our website and select Member Payment Plans. Should you have further questions, contact our Treasurer, Jessica Traw for next steps.


Grants Process Update

Now that the deadline for grant applications has passed, individual grant committees, under the leadership of Karen Coleman, Brenda Hudson, and Rebecca Lammers, have shifted into high gear. Returning grant committee members were surprised to learn that grant applications were no longer grouped by the five Focus Areas, but by information from each nonprofit’s 990 financial forms. As a result, members of each committee will be reading applications from a combination of focus areas of Arts & Culture, Education, Family, Health & Wellness and Environment rather than just from one focus area.

Grants Co-Chairs Ruth Jones & Julie Woolsey, along with Nonprofit Liaison, Pat Jones, are heading the overall grantmaking initiative this year. They hosted 34 grant committee members via Zoom for training on March 10 and again on March 24. Jessica Traw provided guidance on how to read a project budget, and Paula Perkins guided members on questions that discern the impact of a proposed project.

Committee members will comb through 19 applications during the month of April and will make site visits to each of the applicants during the month of May. After making site visits, the committees will select their nominees, and Grant Award Nominees will be publicly announced on July 20. A new event for Impact100 is scheduled for August 9, 2022: Meet the Nominees. You will have an opportunity to meet our Grant Award Nominees and hear them speak about their exciting projects before the membership meets on August 23 to vote at The Big Give.

Grant Cycle Timeline

  • Currently: Thirty-four members are working on grant reviews. THANK YOU for your leadership in this process that is the heart of Impact's Mission!
  • April 22: All grant application reviews should be complete.
  • Week of April 25: Grant Committee meetings are held to discuss applications and determine needs for site visits.
  • May 2: Site visits begin
  • Mid May to Mid June: Grant Committees meet to discuss site visit reports, dialogue, and choose a Grant Award Nominee from their committee.
  • July: Grant Award Nominee recommendations are approved by the Board. Notifications to all organizations are made according to Committee and Board decision.
  • July 20: Grant Award Nominees are announced publicly.
  • August 9: 'Meet the Nominees' will feature organizational history and project reviews of each of the Grant Award Nominees.
  • August 23: The $114,000 grant will be awarded to one of the Grant Award Nominees, according to membership vote, at THE BIG GIVE.


First Step, Inc. has made great strides on the creation and execution of the Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP) in efforts to educate offenders to reduce violence against victims. Learn more about their progress by clicking here to watch the latest news story with KAUZ Newschannel 6. You can also follow their progress via their Facebook page.

We're encouraging Impact100 members to learn more about how we can help prevent domestic violence. Visit First Step's website to learn ways to help your friends, family, and community.

First Step's services are always free and confidential. If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence and you want to know more or seek services, call their 24-hour hotline at 800-658-2683.

ARC of Wichita County Grant Updates

In April 2021, The Arc of Wichita County purchased the property next to their day habilitation building for the purpose of renovating it for additional program space. After an in-depth assessment on the usefulness and safety of the building, it was deemed too costly to renovate. So, the decision was made to demolish the building and rebuild a new structure that will connect to their current building. This future expansion will make it possible for The Arc to accept more individuals, offer more space for individualized learning and recreation, add special bathroom accommodations for individuals needing more assistance, and implement classrooms for work and life skills to better assist members to live more independently. The reconstruction of the parking lot (a component of their 2020 grant request) has been postponed to align with the next phase of expansion.

We encourage all members to continue to follow the work of The Arc of Wichita County:

Website, Facebook, and All Things IDD Podcast



  • April 2 - Yoga in the Park, 2 pm, Bud Daniel Park
  • April 28 - Impact100 Membership Business Meeting, 5:30-7:30 pm, Region 9 ESC
  • May 12 - Thirsty Thursday, 6 pm, Hook & Ladder
  • June 2 - After Hours Art Walk, 6 pm, Meet at Half Pint
  • July - WF Museum of Art Concert in the Park - Details coming soon
  • August 23 - The Big Give
  • December 31 - 2023 Membership Deadline

Education Webinars by Philanos

Interested in more information about collective grantmaking and philanthropy? Our Education Committee, under the leadership of Selby Lilley, is currently planning local events. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, note this upcoming webinar that is FREE for you to access through Impact100's affiliation with Philanos. You also have access any of the past webinars that have been held since 2015. Contact Paula Perkins for more information or if you have difficulty registering.

Tuesday, April 12 at 11:00 AM, virtual

Collaborative Funding: Joining Forces to Support Racial Equity Work

We Give Summit

The We Give Summit is an online celebration of collective giving, hosted by Philanthropy Together, coming up next month from May 11-14th. With more than 2,400 giving circles around the world, We Give Summit is the place for giving circle members, community leaders, philanthropy experts, and social impact newcomers to come together, forge new bonds, strengthen our work towards community change, and celebrate!

Feature keynote speakers are: Angela Glover Blackwell, Cheryl Dorsey, and Vu Le - all nonprofit leaders are advocates. Impact100 uses the information obtained from these speakers and all other sessions to better our grantmaking practices.

It's not too late to sign up for this year's sessions. Tickets are estimated at $100 per person, but are available on a sliding scale. Don't let an accessible cost for you keep you from attending!

General Information

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We are especially grateful to local Supporters of Impact100 Wichita Falls who extend our efforts. Our operational costs are covered by donations from sources other than members' $1,000 donations, as 100% of each Member's contribution is designated for grant funding. Please join us in thanking these entities.

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