Government Project

By: Ashley and Delanee


Don't protest, just respect!

2. Type of government


3. Who holds power in this form

One person holds power or even maybe a small group.

4. Two characteristics or facts about our government

* Citizens * We're 10 months ahead of democracy

5. One benefit of our government

Lesser crime rate

more effecient to emergencies

6. One drawback of our government

Creating a terrifying threat - hydra-like, secretive, evil - is an old trick. It can, like Hitler's invocation of a communist threat to the nation's security, be based on actual events like world war 2 with nazi's and Jewish people.

7. Name a country in the world that has our type of government

North Korea

9. Why our government is the best

Citizens can focus and agree with one person

10. Why our government should stabilize Iraq

The government will help stablize iraq because it controls citizens to be organized.