Josie-Jo Ford, Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court

About me

I am a judge of the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court, as said above, an heir of our beloved Sam Westing, died age 65. I lived in Sunset Towers, apartment 4D. For the Westing Game, I am partnered up with Alexander(Sandy) McSouthers, Sunset Towers' doorman. Our clues are "SKIES AM SHINING BROTHER". What do you think they mean?

My Theme Song

Mulan-I'll Make A Man Out Of You (English)

My Key Passage

Key passage #1:

"I'm sorry Mr. McSouthers, but playing a pawn in this foolish game is one thing, but being insulted with minstrel show dialect...."

Key Passage #2:

"The Mercedes is wiped clean and shiny like new," the doorman boasted. His face reddened around old scars as he rejected a folded five-dollar bill. "No tips, Judge, please, after all you've done for the wife and me." The Judge had given him to entire ten thousand dollars.

These two passages expresses my insides and my outsides. If you think of me as food, would be an egg. An egg is hard on the outside, which represents my anger in the first key passage. However, an egg is soft in the inside, which represents my kindness of giving the entire ten thousand dollars in the second passage. This means that I try to keep a serious expression, but really in the inside, it tells me to be a kind, not serious type of person. I think that i want to change what I feel in the inside because I am a judge, and judges are serious.

My Change

Key Passage #1:

"I'm sorry Mr. McSouthers, but playing a pawn in this foolish game is one thing, but to be insulted with minstrel dialect..."

Key Passage #2:

Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me, she has chanted as a chid. Words did hurt, but she was no longer a child. Nor a hanging Judge. And there was always a chance.

These two passages show change in me. When I am talking, I may be shouting very loudly and angrily. But when I talk within me, I am calm and know what I am talking about. It's just like the egg thing in the first paragraph. My outside is a little evil and angry when I talk to people, but when I talk within myself, my soft inside come out, and I am calm and know what I am talking about.

Judge J.J.Ford

Name: Josie-Jo Ford

Age: Forty-two

Education: Columbia; law degree, Harvard.

Jobs: Assistant district attorney. Judge: family court, Appellate Division. Never married, no children.

Westing Connection: Mother was a servant in the Westing household, father worked for the railroad and was gardener on his days off.