Marie Curie

A female scientist of Radiation

Marie Curie

Marie was born on November 7,1867

than died on July 4,1934

Who she was

Mare Curie grow up in Warsaw,Poland. Her birth name was Marie Skłodowska, But they called her Manya. Her parents were both teachers. Her dad trough math and physics, and her mom twas the headmistress at a all girls school.Marie was the youngest out of 5 siblings.

The things she did

The thing Marie is Famous is working with radioactivity. what she did to help us was to help doctors find that radiology could help with curing cancer.

3 Interesting facts about Marie Curie

1.)She won a second place Nobel prize in 1911.

2.)She learned that doctors curing cancer with radiation.

3.)One of her daughters won a Nobel prize for chemistry in 1935.