Hugh Neff

He won a race in 2013

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Hugh Neff in 47 years old.He was born in Tennessee.He was a professorial golf cadey.He moved to Alaska and started racing dogs.

His dogs

He has 39 dogs and they all race in the iditarod. This is a very special race for the dogs. The dogs have to run a long ways just to finish the race.

The iditorode race

The iditorod

The race is the iditarod it is a very special race in Alaska.The iditarod is placed in Alaska.My musher is Hugh Neff and he races in the Iditarod.His team won in 2013.Water warrior won the quest in 2012. Sence the year 2000 he has finished 13 yak on quests.Top of the world 350 is being planned right now.