Deep Water Horizon 2010

Malcolm Elliott

The Overview- The What

Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20, 2010. The oil rig was a major source of oil and natural gas in the United States. On april 20 2010 a surge of natural gas blew a hole through a faulty piece installed recently to the rig. The person who installed the faulty piece also made the same mistake in the caspian sea and knew from experience this would happen . It sank to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and took 87 days before the flow of oil could be stopped.

The Details

The Who and How

The closing cap to the oil rig was not fit to handle the pressure of 4000 feet of water. The person that was responsible was BP because it is the funder. Halliburton was responsible too because they basically put a ticking time bomb of a cap on an oil rig… twice.

The Chemical

The toxin was a crude oil. It is black tar like liquid. The natural gas associated with the crude oil was toxic.

The Effect

1000-60,000 barrels a day of oil was dispersed into the gulf = about 5 million barrels of oil leaked into the water in total. By june oil and tar balls could be found in mississippi = 1000 miles of land choking plant life. Reefs within a 12 mile radius were heavily affected by the oil and the oil cleaner including the fatality af macro organisms needed for coral reproduction. Thousands of birds mammals and sea turtles were killed by plaster by oil. Many dolphins in the louisiana bay suffered from lung and adrenal disorders associated with the oil. Animals found alive were transported to help centres until oil free. The spill affected businesses in and around the gulf. More than a third of the gulf could not be fished. More that 12000 people were left unemployed by the spill.

The Clean Up and The Now

Millions of volunteers and actual paid workers helped to clean and cap the oil spill. Large companies like BP the us coast guards and the environmental protection agency had to work together to clean up the spill. Due to where a lot of the oil collected, it could not be cleaned because cleaning it would inflict further harm on the ecosystem.

Congress has not passed a single law to help prevent future offshore-drilling disasters.

Drilling regulator Liz Birnbaum said, "We have long since reached the point where we should stop drilling for new supplies of oil." The oil is at the same level as it was 4 years ago according to ecosystem impact groups.