Anna Boyd School

Faculty Meeting/Professional Development 12.14.15

Principal's Message

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

A Few Reminders:

Students are becoming extremely excited. Please take time to review your classroom rules, procedures and expectations. As a reminder, students perform better when they know what to expect.

Please join me in thanking Ms. LaVeda Green for hosting our first ABS Technology Cafe'. Thanks to Mrs. Green, ABS is tweeting!

The Winter Break Luncheon is scheduled for Friday at 11:30. Please join me in thanking Mr. Green (husband of LaVeda Green) for providing this treat for us.

Ms. Price would like to share a few items with the group regarding social items.

Please see student highlights below.

Winter Break Message

Peace, Joy and Happiness

The Winter Break Luncheon will take place in the Intervention Room on Friday, December 18th. Please eat lots of food and desserts. Afterwards, spending the remainder of the time enjoying friends and family!

Wishing you peace, joy and happiness during this season!