Galileo Galilei

By: Alyssa Asmus


Galileo Galilei was a very important person in history because of his discoveries such as saying the Planets revolve around the Sun and, that the Sun is not the center of our Solar system.

Major Things

Galileo Galilei was born February 15 1564 and, he died January 8 1642

Galileo was considered the father of modern science he made major contributions to the fields of Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Mathematics and, Philosophy.

Inventions and, Discoveries

He invented an improved telescope and, used it to show the moons of Jupiter and, the rings of Saturn also, the the phases of Venus, sunspots and, the rugged lunar surface.

His flair for self - promotion earned powerful friends, he had enemies among the leaders of the Catholic Church.

He was in court in 1616 and, again in 1633 when he was forced to recant and, was then put under house arrest for the rest of his life.


Galileo was 1 of 6 children of Vincenzo Galilei, musician and, scholar. In 1581 he entered the University of Pisa to study medicine but, then later changed into mathematics. In 1583 he made his first important discovery, describing the rules that govern the motion of pendulums.


He was an Physicist, Mathematician, Astrologer, Engineer and, Astronomer.

Main Impact

His main impact was the telescope that he improved and, being the first to use it in Science and, Astronomy. He showed / told us that the Planets revolve around the Sun.
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Galileo was very important person and, this poster concludes why he is and, it shows some of his inventions.