"The Road Not Taken" By: Robert F

Austin Ray


The poem "The Road Not Taken" By Robert Frost is a short poem with a very big meaning. On the surface it is simply a story about a man coming upon two paths in the woods and choosing to take the one that others don't often choose. However when you look deeper you find that the poem is full of symbols that tell of a man's life long journey. It tells of how a man chose to make a decision that most people normally wouldn't take, but this man chose to, and in the end he tells of the wonderful difference it made in his life.

"Two roads diverged..."

This symbolizes the many decisions we have to make on our journey through life. We often come across times in our life when we are faced with two choices. At times it can be hard to chose the right decision while sometimes it is as clear as day as which choice we should make. Either way in the end they effect us whether for the good or for the bad.

"And having perhaps the better claim..."

This symbolizes the one choice that is obvious and most commonly chosen. In the poem the man sees that one of the paths is more frequently traveled on because it looks like the better of the two choices.

"I took the one less traveled by,..."

This is the end of the poem where the man decides to choose the path the most don't usually take. This symbolizes the choice that is not as obvious and not always the best but occasionally taken.

Decisions Determine Destiny

In the end after the man chose the path less taken, he says that it has made all the difference in the world. We never no what will happen to us when making a choice but we can't let that hold us back. Taking a chance isn't always a bad thing but isn't always a good thing either. We will never know what will happen but always remember that our decisions now will determine our destinies later.