Greekly weekly

by adam and adrian


Okay we waited 4 years for this major event to honor Zeus 14 young men will attend and only one will go home. We are in Zeus's sacred palace to honor him.Winning is the biggest prize anyone will ever receive from anything int the world.And were off we start with the foot race then we go to the chariot race,wrestling'boxing and the most brutal sport in the Olympic's pancratium. Everybody knows that Corocus's winning was the begging of the Olympics. and almost 40 teams entered Zeus's challenge the OLYMPICS!!!


Come of our Greek theaters were big and could 15000 people unlike this one. The seats were built into the side of a hill in a semi circle formation.In the middle was a flat spot that the men or the boys's performed on called the orchestra.They have many different mask's with different meanings for different purposes.Our actors would change in a hut off to the side of the stage called the skein there are different types of play's like tragedies,comedy's and satyr.A crane used to put actors on side or main buildings. For Athens theater was a worship to the gods. Theater was started by the chorus from the singing dancing and as part of the plays know in days. The founder of our theater plays was a legendary man named Sisy Phus.


Hello fellow Greeks the greek theater are having a huge play to honor our gods so please come join and watch our favorite plays.You get to see famous plays and actors we will be doing as many plays as we can in one day in such time.

We will be doing plays all day come when you want

if can please come and join our fun and games

Gods and Goddesses

Today I have a chance to sit down with one of our preistist.So we will have some of our questions that we will all love to know.So first off i would like to thank you for coming in today.So the first question is who is the most important god.Well the god that is the most important god was Zeus because he was the ruler of all the gods.Next question is how do the gods help with trips or journeys.Well they help only if you ask them to help you but many gods will have to listen to help you in many different ways.What are the purposes of the festivals that we have.Well our festivals for our for our gods and goddesses .What are the purposes of our gods and goddesses.Every city state honors a god or goddesses and they have a control for everything in life.Why do we have the temples that we see.We have the temples not just as a place of worship but as a place of dwelling.Well that wraps up all of our questions so thank you for coming into today.

Greek fashion

Hello my fellow Greek citizens im here to tell you all about our Greek fashion. First Im going to start off with women fashion.So they mostly wore a traditional dress called the Doric is a at is twice the distance of the elbow.It was folded in a half horizontally and wrapped around the body.Then we have Lonic Chiton it is a large rectangle like the Doric but it is a little wider and it is a little shorter.Its is usually closed at the top with a button or with a seem.Our Greek women wore a thing called a narrow Himation it went around the chest.There are many ways to wear the dress.None of the women wore hats but they did wear jewelry especially earrings. In place of hats they wore their hair in many different styles. Now we are on men's fashion. Mostly they wore shorter versions of the Lonic Chiton it usually came down to the middle thighs.If it was cold they will usually wear a cloak.Also in the cold they would wear a fabric that was formed into a rectangle then they wrapped it around them self. Soldiers wore a short Chiton with amour on usually a breast plate and greaves to protects shins and they carried a sword or a spear. So that's it for our Greek fashion.