Tune In Tuesdays

Where DSMS tunes in to new learning!

Join us for learning opportunities that will support your students' learning.

Each Tuesday brings an opportunity to learn something new that will in turn support how your students are learning in your classrooms. Topics may include technology, instructional strategies, classroom management, and assessment techniques. Let us know what you need and we will bring the learning to you!

Every Tuesday during your pod planning time or after school upon request.

  • The topic for the upcoming Tuesday will be announced a week in advance.
  • Teams or individuals may request topics.
  • Teachers are always encouraged to present topics they would like to share.
  • Presenters include Mandy Sargent, Windy Middleton, Laurinda Schaertl, and YOU!
  • Meetings are optional, but prizes will be awarded for participation.

Some possible trainings include:

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun!

I have something I'd like to share... What do I do?

Share your idea with Mandy and one of the MS Administrators at least one week before you would like to present. Once approved, your topic will be announced. A sub will be scheduled to cover your classes for the day so you can be available to present during other pods' planning times. Mandy will be available to support your planning as needed.

We are here to support your learning!

Mandy Sargent - 3071
Wendy Middleton - 3412
Laurinda Schaertl - 3035