VCR Lesson 6

Fiorella Rodriguez

Guess the Word

The ____________ in charge of the company signed a contract with their new business partners.

  1. Incumbent
  2. Recumbent
  3. Incubator
  4. Anubis

The correct answer is:


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A person who holds an office or position


1. Already holding an office or position

2. Required as a duty or obligation (often used with on)

Pronunciation: in kum bent


6A7: B

6C6: Incumbent

Which one is wrong?

1. The incumbent had to make an important decision before Friday regarding the status of a factory in Georgia and whether it would shut down or not.

2. The extra credit was an incumbent action for the students

3. Bob left his position as CEO and is the incumbent of the company now.

4. The incumbent manager led his team through a powerpoint presentation on this month's sales.

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