Croatan Sound

An Estuary


Croatan sound is located in Dare County, North Carolina. It is connected to the Pamlico sound with Albemarie sound feeding into to Albemaries other small streams to, and is bordered to the east by Roanoke Island; Roanoke sound is on the other side of the island. It was named Croatan because the Croatan indians. The Croatan sound is very buetiful with two bridges crossing over it. Wildlife found in and near the estruary are pelicans, egrets, herons, pelicans, sea grass, geese, and other fowls that flock.

Croatans importance and how its being threatened


Estruaries including the Croatan sound are important because they are vital habitats for thousands of marine species, are important for the health of the oceans, act as a buffer between the ocean and the land, are economically important, are a popular recreational destination, and have a historical and cultural significance.


Some threats towards estuaries including the Croatan sound are production forestry, agriculture, sewage, marine farming, road building, land clearence, fishing, coastal settlement, and more.

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