Newsletter - Technical Jobs

Here's our report on some of the latest IT jobs going

Application Support Analyst

The White Company

The Role

"We are looking for a hard-working coder. We specialise in helping and ensuring our international websites are functioning and working as intended. That is why we are in need of a support analyst for our growing company."

Specific Attributes Required

  • Understanding of SQL and relational databases
  • Understanding and experience of coding languages such as Java, JavaScript
  • Ability to be able to debug code and perform minor fixes
  • Ability to navigate and use a Linux OS

General Attribute Required

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Ability to work well under pressure and within tight deadlines

  • Excellent organisational and time management skills

  • Confident communicator

Attitude or Soft Skill Required

  • A can do attitude with the ability to work on your own initiative

  • Approachable

What does this all mean?

"Understanding and experience of coding languages such as Java, JavaScript" - The company needs someone who has a strong understanding and has experience of coding languages such as Java and JavaScript. They need someone who cannot only write code but someone who also has the ability to be able to debug code and fix minor errors. Someone with this technical knowledge is needed by the employer to help with their specific IT needs.

"Excellent attention to detail " - The employer is looking for someone who has excellent attention to detail; someone who can spot errors easily. This is needed so that the employee can create accurate and effective code as well as be able to pick apart and interpret what is already existing. This will mean that the employer will have someone who is reliable as the employee can be depended on to execute their job efficiently and to a high standard.

"A can do attitude with the ability to work on your own initiative" - Having a can do attitude is essential. The employer will expect you to have the ability to work on your own and use your initiative to get results and your work done. There may be times when there is a pressing deadline or large work load so being a positive employee with the right attitude and energy is valued highly by the employer.

IT Service Desk Technician

Hewlett Recruitment

Specific Attributes Required

  • Minimum of 3 years of 1st line support
  • Fluent in written and spoken language
  • And second language would be beneficial

General Attribute Required

  • Good understanding of Microsoft OS/applications
  • Experience in hardware maintenance and software instillation

Attitude or Soft Skill Required

  • Good team player within a cross functional environment

What does this all mean?

"Fluent in written and spoken language" - The employer will be looking for someone to be able to verbally communicate effectively with customers to make sure they're happy and feel they've had good service. Customers will want a pleasant and fluid conversation so that they do not get irritated and minimise confusion. You will also need to formulate your thoughts into written words well for your e-mails and reports to customers and colleagues for the same reasons.

"Good understanding of Microsoft OS/applications" - As an IT Technician you will obviously need to use a computer as part of your role. The company has clearly stated which operating system they use and what you will need to be able to use. It also indicates that you need to be familiar with using applications on Microsoft platforms.

"Good team player within a cross functional environment" - Due to the nature of the work you will need to communicate with other people. Information will need to be passed around between you colleagues so you will have to have a willingness to talk to others for problem solving.