What is HR?

HR, Or more formally, Human Resources, looks afer the people within the business. Most businesses will have some sort of HR, wether it is a whole department, or a single person managing human resouces.

What does HR Do?

HR manages people, meaning that the hiring, training, paying and firing of people in the workplace is performed by HR. Human resources are also involved in structuring the business, for example organising the people within the business into a suitable hierachry or similar structure.

Human resources also creates and manages bonus, incentiave and and benefits packages for the employees of a business, for example a christmas bonus to those that have peformed well through the year.

The Human resources department is also responsable for giving the employees in the business promotions and raises, to show that they are valued by the company, or that they have been exceeding there quality threshold, or workload.

What does HR need to know?

Generally, HR Will need to know:

  • Your Qualifications
  • Any skills you have
  • Your personal details, (address, phone number, payment method)
  • Any disabilities or special needs

When will you see HR?

You'll meet with HR when you attend a job interview. The interview wil be performed by a member of HR, or will be attened by HR to take your details, and find out any other information about you, such as work ethics and formallity.

If you have any problems in the workplace, speaking to HR is a good idea - As they are responsable for your safety and wellbeing at work, they are the ones that need to know!