SLBC Working Moms

Prayer Requests 10/7/2015

Hello ladies!

We had a wonderful meeting last night, and we even had a new face! Glad to have you Laura! Here are the prayer requests for this week.

  • Laura - pray for her husband, Dallas. He is having knee surgery on Friday.
  • Crystal - pray for patience as she helps her daughter, Clara, with her school work. To encourage, rather than discourage.
  • Lisha - pray for safe travels for her husband, Abraham, as he goes to Canada next week. Also pray for passport issues with obtaining their Venezuelan passports so her husband can go see the kids during the holidays.
  • Corrie - pray for stress at work with school leadership. prayers for holding tongue, and being graceful and apply what we are learning in this wonderful study!
  • Sandra - pray for husband, Brian, to find a job quickly!
  • Melissa - pray for sister whose been having stomach issues. Pathology results should be back soon, pray for good results.
  • Lorri - pray for sister in law, Cassandra, diagnosed with breast cancer last year, had a double mastectomy and treatments. Went in for reconstruction appointment last week and cancer has reformed. Prayers for healing and that the Chemo/radiation isn't as painful this time. Also prayers for strength within the family.

  • Ursula - Prayers for strength in preparing a eulogy for best friends funeral on Friday. Prayers for family of her friend, Dustyn Fullerton.

Next Meeting

We will meet again on October 21, 2015. Susan Garner will be teaching Session 4, Gossip, Flattery, and People Pleasing: How to speak the truth in love