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May 23 , 2016 6th Six Weeks, Week 5


Principal Message

Greetings Rangers!

A very simple message this week! You all continue to inspire and make me very proud to be a Ranger! Our students continue to experience not just academic growth, but also opportunities to just experience life with adults other than their families, that truly care about them and want the best for them. We are a community that wants our students to participate in events that allow them to experience and create memories that will stay and uplift them as they move beyond us and return next year.

Every staff member contributes to our students happiness beyond the four walls of their classrooms. A tremendous thank you to everyone who has taken the time to organize an event, sponsor a club, coach a team, chaperon a trip, tutored students during lunch/on a weekend, or taken a moment to guide or encourage a student, and bottom line, simply using your time to promote the growth of our young people.

This is what stands us apart from others. This is what makes our students learning experience tremendous and meaningful. The heart of our staff!!

Proudest Principal in DISD,

Always a Ranger!!

F. Taylor-Glenn

Another message....

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Be rested! This week is absolutely full of long days :-)!!

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TG2 Spotlight

TG2 Spotlight is an opportunity for staff members to highlight another staff member who has demonstrated Team, Grit, or Growth. Please provide the characteristic you are spotlighting them for (Team, Grit, or Growth), a brief explanation, and a picture (if you can). In your email to me, Subject line should read: RED: SPOTLIGHT: (Staff Name).

Spotlight on 8th Grade & Volunteers! (TEAM)

Ms. Walker writes:
The 2020 Experience for the 8th Grade Class officially began on Friday Night! The 2016 8th Grade Dance was LEGENDARY! Our students were treated to a classy event that they matched with their classy fashion.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Ms. Husband, Ms. Burns, and Ms. A. Lewis!! They have worked tirelessly over the course of the year to plan and deliver an unforgettable night for our ARMS 8th Graders.

I also would like to thank all of the volunteers who served in any capacity! Ms. Martinez, Ms. Zapata, Ms. Rivera, Ms. Luckey, Ms. Jenkins, Ms. Hawkins, Ms. Holmes, Mr. Lloyd, Mr. "Zeeke", Officer Hopkins, Officer Moines, Ms. Remieke, Ms. Perez, Ms. Pounders, Ms. Leake, Mr. George, Ms. Miller, Mr. Phan, all other ARMS Staff members that contributed, all of our parent volunteers, and last but not least Mrs. Taylor-Glenn THANK YOU!

Teamwork makes the dream work!!

Spotlight on Attendance Office Asst. (TEAM)

Ms. Hasty writes:

Just wanted to share some photos from our End-of-the-Year Luncheon that our team (Attendance Office) hosted for our Magnificent TEAM of office assistants. These were students that worked in the Attendance Office from both 1st and 2ndsemester and they were a tremendous help to our office daily operations. Kudos to them for always being respectful, courteous and disciplined while in our presence.

Spotlight ARMS Staff (TEAM)

Ms. Rosenstein writes:

Spotlight: TEAM: ARMS teachers, instructional coaches, counselors, administrators, support staff, cafeteria staff, custodians, everyone!

The Vision students, Ms. T and I, Ms. Rosenstein, wish to thank everyone at ARMS for their support over the past three years. Because of you, our future is brighter. Thank you for giving us the greatest gift of all—knowledge and the key to success.

All of your help and support brought us to where we are now. Now it is time for us to show the world what we have learned from you. But before we go, we would like to say thank you!

Desserts and snacks will be provided during lunch on Tuesday, May 24 in the teacher’s lounge.

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Spotlight on Ms. Burns (TEAM & GRIT)

Ms. Husband writes:

I would like to spotlight Ms. Burns. She has been an amazing team member and coworker on the NASA trip and all of the 8th grade EOY activities. She works tirelessly for everyone, and I am so proud to be a part of this team with her! She is such a hard worker and always puts everyone else above herself. I just wanted to take this moment to show her how much I appreciate her!

Spotlight on Ms. Rivera & our ARMS Parents (TEAM, Grit, & Growth)

Ms. Taylor - Glenn writes:

ARMS Moves up from Recognized to Exemplary Parent Involvement Rating!! I want to send a very special shout out to Ms. Rivera and our ARMS Parents, for truly building a community. Ms. Rivera has done a magnificent job with building our Parent support and the success we have could not have happened without her!! Major kudos to Ms. Rivera!!

There were 17 schools given the honor of being Exemplary. ARMS was 1 of 3 middle schools, in all of DISD, that earned the honor! The majority of the campuses were Elementary and three from the High School level. Again, WAY TO GO!!
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6th Grade & Electives (Team)

Ms. Macon writes:

I want to send a shout out to the elective and entire 6thGrade team.

I absolutely love how we support, cover, motivate, and inspire one another. It is so nice to know that your team has your back without question. I have dropped the ball a few times this year. I came in late and found a teammate covering my duty post. I never asked. I forgot a meeting and my team doesn’t leave me. They always look in my room to ensure I am on time too.

My content mates text me to remind me of what we are doing the next day etc. I am a better person and teacher because of them. I have learned to give and support due to their example. I owe them a thanks 1000x’s over.

Spotlight on Ms. French (Team & Growth)

Ms. Horne writes:

I would like to spotlight Ms. French for exemplifying TEAM and GROWTH through her unwavering dedication to our seventh grade students. Since transitioning to seventh grade ELAR, I’ve observed Ms. French go beyond her duties of POD leader to provide support for other teachers. Ms. French consistently inquires about what standards we are covering to determine if there are ways that she can support us through her lessons.

Ms. French even created a six-weeks project in which students had to write an expository essay in an effort to provide them with additional writing practice before the Writing STAAR. That kind of cross-curriculum collaboration is what sets Ms. French a part. She is constantly trying to find ways to push herself for the betterment of her students.

Spotlight on Mr. McDonald

Ms. Baker writes:

I would like to extend major kudos to Mr. McDonald, and our AWESOME Students. Mr. McDonald the nurture you provide as a male role model is heartwarming. You have truly assisted the academic, and social achievements of our students. “MC” rather we are granting instruction, cleaning, or having to be on the run with our energetic kiddo’s Devin, Khang, Jorge, and Juan we learn to complete each task with love.

Every day is adventurous, and I can honestly say we have always ended with a smile , together as a TEAM.

Congratulations to Jhonatan, Oscar, Saul, Quantiss, Johan, Logan, and Eric though Mr. McDonald & I love you as our baby boys we are so proud to see you all progress, and GROW into productive young men that overcome the barriers of Autism daily.

ou guys are an honest illustration of GRIT, & resiliency! I love you all very much, and Mr. McDonald hopefully you enjoyed your B-day last week! To the entire ARMS Family as Mr. McDonald & I tell our students “give yourselves a quick handclap, and pat on the back” for completing an amazing school year, and polishing the end with a goal of greatness!

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Spotlight 7th Grade Social Studies Team (Team & Growth)

Ms. Chapa writes:

Team: They have become a well-oiled machine in planning together, staying organized, and making each other better.

Growth: They hold each other accountable in investing time in professional development and to applying their new learning. Weekly they dare to try new strategies to keep their students engaged.

Spotlight on Ms. Mathis & Vision Team

Ms. Chapa writes:
Ms. Mathis and Vision Team -- Working together to give our students opportunities to be successful.

Ranger News


ACP Testing Schedule (May 27 & 31, June 1 & 2)

Ms. Crabtree is communicating with teams via POD meetings this week and will be sending out a comprehensive email to reiterate our ACP testing expectations.

If you have any questions please reach out to Ms. Crabtree immediately.

Grade Validations (Action Required- Read Thoroughly)

In an effort to be proactive and have a very smooth, End Of Year Grading Procedure, we will implement a new process:
  • On Monday all teachers will have GRADE VALIDATION forms placed in their BOXES.
  • Ms. Tovar has highlighted all the blank grades. Review your highlighted blank grade areas.
  • Email or visit Ms. Tovar to address any blank grade issues.
  • All Validation grade sheets are due back to Ms. Tovar NO LATER than Wednesday, May 25th.

ARMS Voting Site (May 24th)

Click here for more information about voting sites for Democratic Primary Run-Off Election


Safety & Learning is Paramount (Read Thoroughly)

Ensure that we are working at 100% collective capacity to finish the year strong (focused students, adults and Zero altercations)
  • Full Uniform - ID badges AROUND student neck, Visible. Front office has string.
  • All jackets are to have a zipper, buttons, all the way down the front. Make sure students are wearing their uniform shirt.
  • ALL Jackets are to be removed before entering metal detector. Check for candy, chips, prohibited items.
  • All adults in the hallway during every transition
  • All students released on the bell ( DO NOT hold classes)
  • NO passes during instructional time (unless it is an emergency use professional judgement)
  • NO GUM - students are to discard of their gum in the trash.
  • Pay attention to the trash and picking up after breakfast and throughout the day.
  • If anyone can provide help during lunch time, please do so. Move around the lunch room, no one should be standing idly around.

End of Year Checklists

Your end of year checklist was placed in your box. Please ensure you review and begin to plan accordingly. If you need any guidance please see your POD leader.

ARMS Class of 2020 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony (Tuesday)

Come and celebrate with our 8th grade students and their families at our promotion ceremony. It is quite an event and incredibly special time for students, families, teachers, and staff.

2016 -2017 Planning Meeting #2, Wednesday @4:30

Our topics for next meeting are as follows:

  • Identifying Campus Wide Goals for 2016-2017 School year
  • Discuss ARMS Way Instruction & Culture Expectations
  • Identify ARMS WAY organizations / committees and begin planning for the upcoming year
  • Feedback in regards to the 2016-2017 ARMS Calendar

Thank you to the following staff for attending the first planning meeting! Your time and insight laid a solid foundation for our next steps.

Ms. Quintana, Mr. Stephens, Ms. Salazar, Ms. Reddy, Ms. Walsh, Ms. Jenkins, Mr. Jenkins, Ms. Tesfai, Ms. Barksdale, Ms. De La Rosa, Ms. Zapata, Ms. Byrd, Ms. Chapa, Ms. Davis, Mr. Hatton, Ms. Bills, Ms. French, Ms. Burns, Ms. Husband, and Ms. Crabtree.

If you were unable to come to the first meeting, please join us for meeting #2!

ARMS Staff End of Year Dinner & Award Ceremony (Thursday)

The end of year is quickly approaching and our staff ceremony is a time to laugh, fellowship, reflect, and celebrate accomplishments. Thank you in advance for communicating with Ms. Zapata about your attendance and I hope that everyone will be there!

ARMS Athletic Banquet

Our student athletes will be honored at our ARMS Athletic Banquet on Wednesday @ 5:45pm. Our athletics program provides our students another excellent opportunity to extend themselves, build lasting relationships, and gain discipline, focus, and confidence. Thank you to all of our coaches for making this happen!!

ARMS Tardy Data 5/16-5/20

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Pertinent campus wide WAIP information will be posted in the weekly ARMS Legend. Please ensure that you stay informed of district updates and general information. WAIP information that is specific to a team, grade, content, will be emailed directly.

DISD Learning Therapy Cohort

Click here for more information about the training.

Dyslexia Institute

Click here for more information.

ARMS Events

Weekly Events May 23 - 27

Monday, May 23
SBDM 5:00- 6:00 (Parent Conference room)
Tuesday, May 24
8th Grade Ceremony @ 7:00 p.m. in the Gym
Wednesday, May 25
2016-2017 Planning #2
ARMS Athletic Banquet
Thursday, May 26
End of the Year ARMS Staff Ceremony @ 4:30 p.m. in the cafeteria
Friday, May 27
Core meeting 9:30- 10:55- Conference room 127
ACP Day 1 (full day)

On The Horizon........

Monday, May 30
Memorial Day- No School
May 31
ACP (full day)
June 1
ACP (early release)
June 2
ACP (early release)
8th Grade Fun Day
Students Last Day
June 3
Teacher Work Day
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6th Grade P.E.P. Rally

Current 5th graders from Silberstien, Urban Park, Callejo, and Tatum enjoyed a fun welcome at the first transition activity!! We had approxmiately 200 people in attendance. Silberstien won a pizza party for having the most attendees, 71!!.

Attendees heard from Earth Hipsters, TAG students, and from many more students due to the video format of the presentation!
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End of Year Band Performance

Our 6th - 8th graders wowed the audience with their final show of the year!!! Once again our band program demonstrated why they are highly regarded in the middle school band community in the state!
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Electives Hosted YUMMY Staff Breakfast

No one should have been hungry Thursday morning at ARMS! Thanks to our fantastic Electives teachers who laid out an array of breakfast treats!! Absolutely fantastic!! Thank you all so very much.
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6th Grade EOY Field Day

6th Grade students earned the opportunity to participate in the first 6th Grade field day, had a fantastic time. Student enjoyed basketball, football, two legged races, hula hoops, human knot, and pieing teachers in the face.

Students enjoyed hot dogs & nacho chips!! It was an absolute blast!
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Last Staff Meeting of the Year!

Staff members reflected on their practices, challenges, wins, growth, and shared with colleagues during our last official staff meeting of the school year!
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2016-2017 Planning Underway

I can not say thank you enough to our staff members who have started to work on planning for next year. This group had great conversation, highlighted key points, and solidified what it means to be a Flagship school and what it really means to have Excellence without Boundaries!! Looking forward to meeting #2!!
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Class of 2020 8th Grade Dance

Students enjoyed a night of fun, laughs, dancing, food, pictures, and more fun!! Our 8th grade students were elegant and dapper. Our Rangers truly demonstrated their appreciation for the bonds that they have made over the years. It was indeed a special evening!!
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NASA Science Trip

Our 6th - 8th graders participated in our NASA field trip! It is a start, to hopefully a new tradition and a wonderful way to expose our students to the wonders of the world they live in!!
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Ann Richards Middle School

At Ann Richards MS, our vision is to be a flagship middle school at the hub of the community, nurturing diverse leaders, and empowering intelligent trailblazers.

The Most Important Work of our Time! Always remember YOUR IMPACT!

Spotlight on 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Teams (TEAM & GRIT)

Ms. Taylor-Glenn writes:
6th grade has continued or started new traditions at ARMS that make our 6th graders experience so memorable! With the P.E.P. Rally & the 6th Grade field Day (upcoming EOY Ceremony) students know ARMS is a special place. I want to say thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the students and creating a strong foundation as they continue as stellar Rangers!!

8th Grade Team continues to AMAZE the students and will continue to do so at the EOY Ceremony and Field Day. The dance was amazing and true traditions have been established. Our 6th and 7th graders are beginning to see what happens in the "Penthouse" (smile) and it is always coupled with an expectation of Excellence! Thank you entire 8th grade team for your unrelenting support of your students and their success, not just at ARMS but at life!

7th Grade team is introducing two new traditions at ARMS, 7th Grade Field Day and Rising 7th Graders transition Event. These events, further instill a sense of tradition and the value of being Ranger, focused on excellence and proud in 7th Grade S.W.A.G.!! Students are looking forward to the 7th grade activities happening this week and I thank everyone on the 7th grade team for your continued support of having our students experiences be meaningful.