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Parent Meeting for Gifted and Talented Identification & Course Offerings in Middle School

This is for parents of current 5th grade GT LEAD students, as well as parents interested in learning more about the identification process for gifted services.

What: Middle School GT Services Informational Meeting (Current & Interested 5th Grade Parents)

Where: Professional Development and Education Center (PDEC)

Panther Den

5800 Colleyville Blvd.

When: Thursday, November 15th at 6:30 pm

Why: Find out information about the referral and testing process for gifted and talented services at the middle school level, as well as options regarding middle school course selection for identified gifted students.

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Kindergarten Parent Meeting for Gifted and Talented Services

What: Kindergarten Gifted and Talented Identification Parent Informational Meeting

Where: Professional Development and Education Center (PDEC)

Panther Den

5800 Colleyville Blvd.

When: Thursday, November 15th at 5:30 pm

Why: Please join us to learn about gifted and talented identification, referral, testing, and program services for kindergarten students.


Students have been reflecting on their own strengths, success in elementary school, and future goals for middle school, high school and college. These are communicated through their individual Mind Maps. Mind Mapping is a great visual tool for students to use for studying a topic or preparing for an exam. The example below is a Mind Map on health to show how it could be useful in core subject areas.

Along with this, students are developing proposals in interest groups. The issues are school safety, technology (ipad v. chromebook), video games/Fortnite, Future Explorations, and Field Day. They are developing persuasive arguments with a specific audience in mind...principals, parents, coaches, technologists. They are putting together arguments through a digital format to use in the presentation. They will be divvying up parts and will be scheduling proposals.

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Fourth Graders have been analyzing the Statue of Liberty and what it symbolize, the crown, the step, tablet, and torch. Likewise, they have been reflecting on their own traits that represent the essence of who they are. Using classroom craft items, they are building their monuments to include these symbols. They will write an inscription of what these represent, and they will will put all of this into a digital format. Lastly students will engage in a gallery walk to share their monuments.

Google Expedition Goggles

Students in all grades experienced a taste of virtual reality using the district's set of Google Expedition Goggles. They visited a night sky looking at the constellations, the San Diego Zoo, went back in time to the pyramids in Egypt, and looked at the solar system.


Third Graders have been studying the POWER of Flight, Bernoulli's Principles, the Wright Brothers, air pressure, lift, drag, thrust, and weight.They built their own planes...Rapier, Trapezium, Floating, Nicks, and Dragon Paper well as creating their own. They also learned about the International Aviation Alphabet and named their planes. We had so much fun with our flight contest!
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Second Graders have continued their study of extinction, habitats, and causes of extinction. In the midst of all this, they have been experiencing Cogat testing. Students are now working with partners to put their fossil pieces back together as they discover creatures that have been extinct for a long time. They will be writing and creating a presentation with a partner.


First Graders have been building skills in Logic Elimination and Verbal Reasoning. They have also been working on tolerance for ambiguity with draw starts. This involves seeing the possibilities with the start of a drawing, brainstorming ideas, evaluating the best one, and then finishing the drawing. They then look at all of them as a whole to see flexibility in thinking, elaboration and originality. They also had a great time using the Google Expedition Goggles!

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