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Back in Full Swing

We are back in full swing!

We have some great No Zero Hero rewards coming up this semester- so keep working towards getting all of you work turned in so you can join us in the No Zero fun!

Speaking of No Zero Heroes- if you see Cathy Spicer, Sheri Francis, or Laura Cormack around, give those ladies a big high five, or a hug if that's your thing, for all the work they do for you students. The No Zero Hero Parties wouldn't be as awesome as they are without the work of these ladies!

Celebrate your LOVE of reading all month long with a good book~

  • Come check out our selection of new books, and fall in LOVE with a new author or book, OR
  • Reread a book you've LOVED, OR
  • Throwback Thursday to some oldies but goodies that were LOVED, OR
  • If you're out of LOVE, come and live vicariously through characters who are in LOVE!


Everyone should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem solving, logic, and creative thinking. Check out THIS VIDEO to learn more!

Student can learn basic coding to create their own Star Wars, Angry Birds, and Minecraft games. Feel free to check these out on your own, but be on the lookout for opportunities in the library to learn more in February!

Learn Code


~New Books~

MakerPrograms - Take 2!

The library is gearing up to try MakerPrograms again. We have many fun activities and programs coming soon. Here is what is coming:

-SnapCirctuits: build and create electrical circuits that run fans, radios, and lights

-Makey Makeys: create musical instruments, video and board games, all with a few little clips and wires, playdoh, paperclips, and money!

-Ozobots: work with robots, program them and make them move.

-Sphero: work your way through an obstacle course with a little sphere. BUT- A game of hot potato has never been more fun than with the Sphero!

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." ~Albert Einstein

Got OCD? (Obsessive Coffee Disorder!)

The coffee shop is still 'brewing' strong, but just looks a little different. We are trying out some flavored coffees, and iced coffees and would love to hear your opinions.

This coffee bar is up and running for you- so let us know how we can improve!

We appreciate your patience as we are trying to determine our supply and demand needs, so far, your are demanding way more than we have supplied! And that is a good thing! But thank you for your patience as we await delivery of our supplies.

AND... the first 5 people to let me know they read this newsletter will receive a FREE drink!