Morning Notes

Wednesday 15 January

Halcyon Visitor

Ms. Bainton would like to talk to 5 lovely students during morning break in Committee Room 1. She would also be more than happy to meet any student who would like to say anything to her after-school. Would advisors send Mia an email with anyone intersted. Thank you.

DIY Halcyon recycling logo

Gwen, Celia and Isla want to welcome you to design our school's first recycling logo, that will get put on very recycling bin in halcyon.

The due date is: 3rd of February

To enter, please email, Ms. Zago at:

Don't worry if your design isn't chosen because there will be more opportunities to design for Halcyon.


Have words Halcyon and Recycling

Drawn by hand

Creative with shapes

We will need Name, Grade, Advisory written on the back of the paper

Once finished please hand to one of us!!

Thank you and good luck!! :-)

-Celia, Isla and Gwen.