My Dreams

Malina N'Golet


One of my dreams is to be a historical writer. I really want to combine my love of creative writing and history and write books about famous historical figures, but in a more interesting way.


I have a fear of crickets. I don't how I became scared of crickets since no one in my family is scared of crickets. Either way I hate them and wish they would go extinct.

Challenges I want to try

Something I want to do is eat foods from other countries. I'm a pretty picky eater so if it doesn't look appetizing to me I won't eat it

My Hero

My mom is my hero. She was able to raise 2 kids all by herself and even when times were hard, she (somehow) kept going. She's a very funny, kind, and loving person and she's the type of person I aspire to be like.

Improving Myself

I'm not good at listening to other people's opinions that aren't the same as mine. I want to try to improve that since there are a lot of people with varying opinions. To expand my mindset I want to try to listen to people who don't share the same way of thinking as me.