Japanese Culture

By Halle Beiswanger


Samurai, also known as "those who serve" were those who turned to a military force. They were a new class of military servants whose purpose was to protect the security and the property of their employers. These warriors clad in helmet and armor, rode on horseback, and carried a bow and sword. It was also very important that they lived by a strict warrior code known as the Bushido.

Impact of the Systems

Because of the fact that the government was returning to its previous way, the decentralized system, this caused people to act out. It made the local aristocrats take things into their own hands. Like I talked about before, this is where the samurai came from. When justice was taken into the aristocrats hands, they created a new force of military. Once again like I mentioned before, the warrior code, Bushido, impacted the people heavily. Now that all of the men were wanting to be a Samurai, they had to follow the Bushido. This impacted how the men thought, and affected the boys growing up. The little boys now had it in their heads that they would become and Samurai, and have to follow the Bushido.

Samurai Letter

I became a samurai, because it is currently what you should do. All of the men are doing it, and I didn't want to be looked down upon, because I chose not to fight. Another reason is that you were practically being forced to be a samurai since you were a little boy. You future was basically already chosen for you, and you didn't have much of a say in the matter. Some of my duties as a samurai are that I must always carry a bow and sword. When we fight, I ride on horseback, I must always protect the security, and the property of the men who employed me. The most important things that I do is that I follow the Bushido. It is a very strict warrior code known as "the way of the warrior".