Habitat Destruction


Animals Have Rights Too

As humans, we have the right to food, water and a roof over our heads. Our habitat is our house which provides all of these things.An animals or plants habitat is just the same. Their forest, desert grassland or wetland is their home, their source of food and water and their place to raise a family.

What is Habitat Destruction and what are the effects?

Habitat destruction is the process in which an area of land is lost to cater for our human development, such as clearing land for office buildings or houses. In might not look like any damage is done to the species of animals living in the land when it is destroyed. But in fact we are destroying animals homes, we are destroying the roofs over their heads and taking their source of food and water away. How would you like it if I came along with a wrecking ball and destroyed your house. You would have no where to go, no food, no water and no home. This is how animals feel when we cut down their trees or bulldoze their homes to make room for our growing population.


  • In NSW alone there are approximately 360 threatened species with 25 ecological communities where habitat loss and destruction is a known threat.
  • Each year, over 5 million parrots, Honey-eaters, robins and other birds are killed due to land clearing.
  • Australia has lost more plants and mammals to extinction than any other country and has more threatened animals than 98% of the world's countries.
  • About 50% of Australia's rain forests have been cleared and the proportion of Australia covered by forest or woodland has been reduced by more than one third.
  • This century, 6 species have already become extinct.

Animals Have Wants and Needs As Well

Much like us humans, animals have wants and needs as well. They need food and shelter, just like us, they need a fresh water supply, just like us, they need freedom to raise a family in a home, just like us. Animals cannot do this if we keep destroying their homes because we want to develop our "more important" developments such as agricultural, industrial and urban establishments. We need to stop being greedy and start thinking how the animals feel.
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