By Stephen King

Book Summary

     The narrator, Mike Noonan, suffers writer's block and delusions four years after his wife's death at an isolated lake house named Sara Laughs.  Sara Laughs was a summer home shared by him and his wife Jo.  Upon arrival, Noonan meets an attractive widow named Mattie Devore and her three year old daughter, Kyra.  Devore's father-in-law is extremely wealthy and wants custody of Kyra.  Noonan hires Mattie her own lawyer.   On top of getting caught in a custody battle, Noonan discovers Sara Laughs is haunted.  Disturbing dreams and visions haunt him every night.  Max Devore and his personal assistant attempt to murder Mike, but the spirt of his wife saves him.  Max Devore takes his own life that same night.  Noonan discovers a pattern of local inhabitant's relatives who have drowned during their childhood. At the end of of the custody battle, Noonan and Mattie celebrate.  As Mattie seduced Noonan, her trailer was subject to a drive-by shooting.  Mike drives Kyra back to Sara Laughs and almost kills her and himself under the influence of Laugh's ghost.  Jo's ghost saves them both.  Kyra was the next scheduled to die.  Rogette, Max's personal assistant, kidnaped Kyra and made his second attempt on Noonan's life.  Mattie's ghost comes and saves them both. The novel ends by telling you Mike has retired from his writing career and is attempting to adopt Kyra.  It really leaves you wondering what happens when the book ends.  In my opinion, this was a great book.  I rarely take a big interest in any book but this had me wrapped up from beginning to end.  In order to appreciate the book, you have to like the horror genre and superstition.  I'd rate this book a 5/5.