Athenian Times


The couple of Lysander and Hermia were last seen in Athens last Tuesday. These two are now missing and have been gone for 2 days. People say the two lovers ran away to be alone with each other after Hermia's father, Egeus and the Duke of Athens, Theseus told her to either marry another man Demetrius or be executed. So after this demand the they both ran away to be together alone without being pursued by the Athenian law.
As you know the threats from these men are very intimidating and could have forced Hermia and her love Lysander out of Athens for good. A witness heard Hermia talking to herself as she said : The worst may befall me in the case, if I refuse to wed demetrius". The "worst" being referred to the saying Theseus stated " Either to die the death, or abjure". in which meaning Hermia marries Demetrius or dies.Others say The Duke and Egeus has already has Hermia along with Lysander executed. Another myth is that Hermia was going to change her mind but Lysander kidnapped her so it wouldn't happen. If you have seen either of these individuals please contact The Duke of Athens