Trying Something New...

New Program Launching - 8 SPOTS AVAILABLE!

You're one of 15 people getting this message because you've expressed interest in my brand new coaching program, AND/OR because I BELIEVE in you and your potential to do big things! (I also really like you and genuinely just want to virtually 'hang' for the next six weeks!)

Either way - I'm launching an exclusive 6-week coaching group and I'd like to work with YOU.

Here's what I know for sure: the steps to success in our Stella & Dot business are simple and straightforward, HOWEVER there are many skills and ways to finesse this business that you won't find in the Training section of the Lounge. This program will be UNLIKE anything I've ever done before. We won't be building Who Do You Know lists, because you already know how to do that. We'll be going much deeper than that!

We'll cover things I've learned and put into practice in the past 8 years. These are attributes that all successful Stella & Dot Stylists have. I believe that YOU have them too, and I want to help you unleash them!

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What it entails:

  • A weekly live Zoom (day/time TBD once group is formed)
  • A weekly reading or listening assignment to be completed BEFORE the weekly Zoom
  • Weekly challenges to engage you in the subject matter
  • Accountability to me and the group
  • Private Marco Polo group to share successes and stumbles throughout the week
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What's expected of you:

  • Attend every weekly live Zoom
  • Come to the Zoom having completed the reading/listening assignment
  • A willingness to lean into and try weekly challenges
  • Checking and engaging in the Marco Polo group weekly
  • A positive attitude
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WHY should you say YES?

Simply because...YOU DESERVE IT.

You deserve to dream big and push yourself to the limit to see exactly how far you can go. Stella & Dot has been the vehicle for me to totally change my life. It's provided financial freedom, time freedom, and given me a purpose. It's allowed me the opportunity to travel and given me relationships that have enriched my life in so many ways.

I truly believe it IS the answer to any dream you might have - we just need to dig deep and uncover the potential that is simmering within you.

I BELIEVE IN YOU - do you?

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Spots are first come, first served and invite only. Please respond to this email NO LATER THAN Sunday, July 1st with "I'M IN" and I'll send over the next steps!

xo, Krista