Novio Boy

By: Gary Soto


A ninth grader Rudy asks an eleventh grader, Patricia, on a date; she says yes. As they get closer to the date he starts get nervous, what will he say? How is he supposed to act? How will he get the money to pay?. His friends and his family all had great advice for him but he realizes that he is growing up and that things get harder.

The theme is to be yourself,and don't let people tell you what to do. '' I need your advice on a date. Just be yourself he said


Inner Conflict: Man vs Self. He really doesn't believe in him self

Evidence:''I need your advice on a date''

External Conflict: Man vs Man. His mom is not really supporting him.

Evidence: You're too little to have friends. Pues, a friend like that.

Favorite Quote

''What king of apples or they? Rare antique apples''

Explain Why: Because they really needed money.